Future Gladiator

Seventeen year old Burnet is brutally taken from her home to become the face of the Government Gladitorial Division. Her story will unravel both her past and her future and force her to make decisions with both consequences and rewards. Friends will become enemies and enemies may be the exact opposite of what they appear.


13. A Rude Awakening

I'm normally woken on a morning by the singing of the birds outside. Instead, I wake up to the harsh impact of a boot crashing into my ribs and my own scream of agony. For what seems like an age my vision is clouded by a misty red haze, though it soon clears to give me an unappetizing view of Aguedo as he leers down at me. I can feel a whimper snaking its way up my throat and I know that it's what he wants, for me to show my pain and fear instead of showing him my false bravery. I refuse to give him that satisfaction. I drag a sickly sweet smile onto my face and look up at him. I will never forget his face as he registers my smile. Never.

He turns on his heels and walks away from my stable with a sharp command thrown over his shoulder.

"Get up."

The large doors slam shut behind him and when I look away from the window I find the girl I’d cocooned with last night knelt by me with a look of horror on her face. Before either she or I have a chance to say anything Sirs joins her by my side, a mask of concern plastered on his face.

Apparently he’d woken up to see Aguedo standing at the entrance of his own stable, before the dog had moved on to the other stables and woken everyone up with his stare. I didn't wake up. Sirs tells me that Aguedo had smiled before he came over and pushed the young girl away from my side. And then I know the rest, I'd been awake after that.

Sirs offers his hand to me and I take it gladly. I'm in no mood to damage myself any further by being stubborn. Not today. No sooner have I been pulled upright when a small hand places itself into my spare hand. I look down to see a pair of brown doe eyes staring up at me with a worried look on her face. I squeeze her hand gently and pull her out of the stables towards the doors. However, Troja beats me to it and opens the door for me and the girl, a winning smile plastered on his face. I nod my thanks and pull the girl through. I’m in no mood to smile.

I clamp my free arm around my ribs as I walk slowly back out into the arena. I’ve taken no more than two steps into the arena and already I can feel the scorching heat of the sun on my exposed skin.

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