One Direction Imagines and Prefferences

hey guys so if you want an imagine please tell me with your names age which boy and give me a small scenario and your appearence thanks!! x


2. zayn for victoria :)


zayn's pov

so i'm sitting in australia outside because i took my girlfriend on a trip. though hopefully she will be more then a girlfriend soon. but im so nervous. i mean every time i look into her brown eyes i melt. she's stunning even the lads think so though i have warned them. she's gorgous. i mean seriously every lad looks at her when we walk down the street and i get death glares half the time let me tell you she has amazing dark brown hair and the most amazing brown eyes you have ever seen. oh no she's coming what do i do. okay just stay calm zayn you've kissed her loads and asked her loads of things but you still cant ask the simple question 'will you marry me.' god zayn grow up. and man up. okay, i know what i'll do.

'hey zayn.'

'hey victoria, hey tonight do u wanna go for a walk?'

'um yeah sure what about now?' perfect i thought

'yeah thas great'

'good i'll just go get my shoes' she said whilst giving me a stunning smile that made me forget to breathe for a minuet.

(10 minuets later)

we had got to this beutiful medown and i hadn't even realised it was there or i would have done something better or brought a picnick or some thing. god zayn your such an idiot sometimes. i thought to myself. right here goes.

'victoria can we stop here a minuet i wanna talk to you'

'okay?' she looked at me wierd perfect she didnt know what i'm about to do.

i got down on one knee

'victoria, i've known you practically my whole life and through all the girlfriends you've been their for me and i realised since i've been with you, your the only girl for me. you're the best thing that's happened to me and when i look at you i litterally forget to breathe for a minuet. the lads love you the fans love you my family love you but most of all i love you and all i've ever wanted is for you to be my wife so. victoria, will you do me the best honour a girl could give a guy and marry me?'

i looked at her and she was crying. she looked me in the eys and nodded as much as she could.

'zayn that was the most beautiful thing has said to me and of course i'll marry you idiot.'

i stood up put the ring on her finger and kissed her with as much love as i could.

'i love you victoria'

'i love you too zayn'

and she kissed me again.


hope you liked it :) more requests please???

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