One Direction Imagines and Prefferences

hey guys so if you want an imagine please tell me with your names age which boy and give me a small scenario and your appearence thanks!! x


10. niall for carolina :)

hope you dont mind the nickname cara its eisier then putting your full name all the time (and i added me as your best friend ;) :o hehe im with a random guy called iwan as his exchange student) (but im not normally spanish ;)) :) xx

his pov

i was sitting in class bored out of my skull because yet again i had to go back to school because of one direction all the other lads had to aswell which i was happy about but the problem we had no classes together but then the teacher said something about exchange students having to live with some of us so she asked who wanted to do it and i put my hand up it would be nice to have someone dfferent and the best part they were from all round the world. later on i found out i had a girl from spain who was 15 and called carolina which i wasnt to bothered about i wondered what the lads would think? i have plenty of time to tell them she's gonna be here tomorrow at 9 and she has to stay with me the whole time.

(next morning)

me and the lads are sitting in the carpark and we see the bus of exchange students go past us i tell you all the girls looked pretty hot. but then the bell went and we all said goodbye to go to our classes. i cant wait to meet carolina from what i read shes a happy, fun girl who likes one direction . so thats gonna be fun. when i walked into class i saw 2 girls standing up at the front waiting talking to each other in spanish. one with amazing brown curly hair which was really long and brown eyes and the other who was ginger and blue eyes. they noticed me staring giggled and waved then started talking to each other again.

right class everyone sit down this is carolina' and she pointed to the brown hairedone she was beautiful. 'and this is bethany. but they said call them cara and beth. carolina you are with niall over their.' and she pointed to me 'and beth your with iwan over their aswell'

iwan was the guy who normally sat next to me but sat behind me today me and him were good mates. and beth and cara looked like best friends.

'hello niall.' cara said whilst sitting next to me


'you're niall horan from one direction aren't you?' sha asked with her thick spanish accent

'yeah ia ma and me and the lads live in the same house so your gonna get to meet the lads soon'


(end of the day)

'bye beth have fun see you tomorrow' cara shouted i found out them 2 were best friends

'so where do we go?'

'to my car and i'll drive you back to ours' i said whilst smiling i really liked her

-skip car journey-

'hi niall!!' all the lads shouted 'hi new person weve never met before but is now living with us for a week' louis shouted at the top of his lung. and gave her a massive hug. she laughed hugged the rest of the lads and we all went inside.

(that night)

me and cara were on our own now cause the lads had gone to bed


'yes love?'

'can i tell you something?'

'of course'

'first do u know what te amo means?' (hope i got it right with the spelling...sorry .back to the story)

'yeah it means i love you doesnt it?'



'te amo niall'

i looked at her shocked


she nodded

'well i love you too' i said and leant oover and kissed her.

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