One Direction Imagines and Prefferences

hey guys so if you want an imagine please tell me with your names age which boy and give me a small scenario and your appearence thanks!! x


13. louis for jayde :)

sorry for the wait love xx

louis pov

i looked at my wife. whilst she was messing about with delilah, one day delilah our already beautiful 3 year old daughter is going to be as gorgeous as jayde. with her beautiful blue/emerald green eyes. and her dirty blonde hair. i never thought i would be this lucky.

she looked up from playing with deli, (like my nickname? hehe ;))

'you okay carrot-man?'

'haha yeah i am my lovely carrot princess.'

'daddy? is mummy a princess???' deli said

'yes she is to me'


'right deli well its time for bed for you i think.'


'YESSS!!' i shouted.


'come on.' i took her upstairs and helped jayde get her ready. we both helped tell her a story and creeped out of her room. we got downstairs and decided to watch a movie. we watched my sisters keeper.

jayde's pov

when we were a few minuets into the film louis started kissing my neck, i turned round and he smashed his lips onto mine. he started to deepen the kiss, he bit my bottom lip asking for entrance which i obviously granted. he pushed me back on the couch and it was just about to go more when suddenly we heard


louis sighed and we both went upstairs to see delilah crying

'whats up darling'

'i had a bad dream'

' okay well come downstairs and i'll cuddle you so you dont have anymore okay?' louis said. bless his heart

'okay daddy'

we went down changed the film to tangled and she fell asleep not long after..


hiya love sorry it wasnt that dirty :/ hope you liked it xx

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