One Direction Imagines and Prefferences

hey guys so if you want an imagine please tell me with your names age which boy and give me a small scenario and your appearence thanks!! x


23. Louis for Jaslyn :)

hey sorry for the wait. btw im doing alot of song imagines so i hope you like it :) hope you like it, also i've put some refrences to other songs of theirs :)  -beth xx


more than this inspired

im broken

do you hear me?

im blinded

cause you are everything i see.

louis pov

another night on my own. great. i seen jaslyn again today. she hardly even notices me with her amazing blue eyes amd her perfect blond hair that falls in amazing curls down her back. she doesn't even realise i'm alive because she already has a boyfriend. but all i can think of is her. but i can't compete with him!

if i'm louder would you hear me?

would you lay down

in my arms and rescue me?

cause we are, the same

yo save me

and when you leave its gona again

i wish she could understand how much i love her. but she has a boyfriend who only wants her for the... ya know... he doesn't want her because of her looks or personality. it hurts that she can's hear how my heart breaks everytime she walks past.


i turned round and there she was, looking as beutiful as ever.

'are you okay? you look kinda upset..' i asked her cause she looks like she's about to cry

'i'm not upset i just wanted to tell you somethig. firstly me and josh have broke up..second i have liked you for years and you dont realise how much you save me..and third i really want to be with you.'



'will you be my girlfriend?'

'yes i will louis'

i kissed her as soons as she said it and strait away she kissed back. i loved her and she loved me back i'm never letting her go..

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