One Direction Imagines and Prefferences

hey guys so if you want an imagine please tell me with your names age which boy and give me a small scenario and your appearence thanks!! x


8. harry for lizlovesniallho :)

im guessing liz is your name? and i im gonna say your 18 cause theres something extra in their then you asked :) hope you like :D

liz's pov

i woke up to harry my amazing boyfriend gone. i didnt worry cause 2 seconds later i smelt pancakes. i smiled. it was my birthday today i wonder what he got me? hmmmm.

'morning liz!' i looked round and harry was standing their with pancakes  and fruit in his hands

' happy birthday gorgous.' aww love it when he says that. i'm not well i dont think so the only thing thats pretty is my eyes i have blue eyes and long brown pixie cut hair and have rosy cheeks but am pale. im curvy aswell. harry always says im perfect but im not. anyway back to my birthday. i ate my breakfast and harry almost dragged me downstairs.

i laughed 'what is the rush?'

'i really want you to see your presents.and the lads are coming over tonight at 6.'

'okayy' i said and smiled

when we got down i sen 2 giant boxs and a smaller one and a rally small one

i opened the first big one.and it had a massive stuffed teddy holding a heart which said i love you liz in massive letters

i almost cried

in the second big one was a massive bunch of flowers

the smaller one had a kitten in it which was ginger and white and called fluffy cause it was very fluffy.

and in the smallest one was the most beautiful bracelet ever.

i started crying

'harry these are perfect!'

'im not finished yet!'

'get dressed and get your shoes on we are going for a walk.'

(half an hor later)

 we got to a massive medow which was beautiful. i looked round and when i looked up i seen the most romantic thing ever. t was a massive balloon which harry was holding which said. will you marry me? i gased and nodded at harry then got up and he popped the balloon and the most amazng ring ever came out and he put it on my finger and kissed me with a lot of love.

god i loved this boy.

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