One Direction Imagines and Prefferences

hey guys so if you want an imagine please tell me with your names age which boy and give me a small scenario and your appearence thanks!! x


6. harry for emily. :)

emily's pov

i was on twitter and what did i get all the time? hate. saying im too young for harry. yes. i'm 15. but does it matter? not to me and harry. sometimes i just couldnt take it and this is one of them days i i hid so when he came home he wouldnt find me. untill i wanted him too. i know i'll go in the wardrobe its big enough.

i've always been insecure with me boring brown curly hair and my caramel eyes. i hate them sometimes. they make me get hate. i hate this. so i went into the cuboard and hoped harry didnt find me at the moment

harrys pov

me and the lads had all gone to mine. it was very quiet.

'emily?' i called 'one minuet lads im gonan go find emily' they all nodded and put on a movie.

i looked round the whole house and i couldnt find her. right now i was in the bedroom. when suddenly i heard a soft sobbing

'emily?' i asked quietly i looked round but she wasnt here then i heard it again and i looked in the wardrobe and their she was my beautiful emily crying her eyes out.i didnt say anything just put my arms around her while she wet my shirt with her tears. i already new why she was crying so i picked her up and took her downstairs to the lads and said guys 'we are doing a twitcam.' they nodded

so we all set it up as i stroked her gorgeous brown curly eyes and looked in her stunning caramel eyes.

then when it started i saw their was lots of people watching. but they seen ou faces and emily crying and no one asked any questions.

'right guys im going to say this once and once only. i dont care how old emily is i love her and nothing you say or do is gonna change that. okay? so stop the hate cause look at her this is what you guys do to her. and im fed up of it okay so stop the hate right now. hating her is not gonna make me love any of you in that way okay?!? so stop it.' and with that i took emily upstairs

'thanks harry i love you'

'its alright no one gets to hate on my girl and call her horrible things. love you too emily' and she fell asleep while i stroked her hair. god i loved this girl.

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