One Direction Imagines and Prefferences

hey guys so if you want an imagine please tell me with your names age which boy and give me a small scenario and your appearence thanks!! x


21. Harry for Chelsea :)

Sorry. It's not very good :/


You were in bed, holding the teddy that Harry gave you before he left for the tour. It still smelt of him and you kept it with you every night, it calmed you a bit but you still missed him and worried all the time.


You’re all alone because your mum works a night a week and of course when you’re feeling the worst she not there. Just your luck.


It was now 2am and you still couldn’t sleep, thinking about Harry, you’d been like this for nights now and tiredness was beginning to get to you, the headaches getting worse, the worry consuming you.


You got out to go to the bathroom because you needed to use the toilet and when you got back you couldn’t believe your eyes.




Harry was there, right in front of you, smiling, his arms signalling you for a hug. You ran at him and practically jumped on him, he fell onto the bed, with you on top of him. “Hey baby girl.”


“W-what are you doing here? You still have 2 weeks to go.”


“Your mum called me, she’s really worried about you babe. She told me about the headaches and you worrying. I booked a flight as soon as she told me, besides I have a couple days break.”


You didn’t know what to say, you just pressed your lips against his, the feeling of security returning again. You didn’t realise it but tears were filling your eyes and when you pulled away from the kiss, Harry wiped them away whispering “don’t cry” into your ear.


“I love you,” you say, really meaning it. Maybe him going away was a good thing because you realised how much you did love him.


“I love you too,” he replies.


You lean back in for a kiss, but this one is hungrier than any kiss you’ve had with him before, your lips moving against his filled with lust. He turns you over, so that he’s on you, his legs either side of your waist leaving a trail of wet kisses over your neck until he eventually finds you sweet spot. He finds it, near your ear, by now your head is turned to the side to allow him access. He continues to suck the spot making you moan occasionally he grazes over the sensitive skin with his teeth.


“Harry,” you moan, an action that attracts him towards your lips. He leaves kisses along your jawline as he edges closer to your mouth, kissing the corner before kissing you fully on the lips.


You wanted him so bad, your hands now up his shirt caressing his abs. You removed the material from him, his bare chest on show. He mirrors your actions taking your top off, your lips disconnecting for the small time the material impedes his access. You can feel his bare skin on yours. Your hands rest on his chest as he continues to kiss your lips. You move your hands to his belt and begin to unbuckle it.


He helps you with his belt and slowly removes his jeans. He fiddles with the button on your jeans and begins to pull them down, throwing them on the floor next to his, leaving you both in your underwear. He begins to remove the underwear from you followed by you doing the same to him.


He reaches into the drawer next to the bed and pulls out a packet, of which the contents he puts around his length, before pressing into you. You moan loudly, the pleasure overtaking you. You look into his eyes; they were full of love as he thrusted into you again and again. Your moans and the headboard of the beg hitting the wall with force were the only things you heard. Except for the occasional “I love you Chelsea,” Harry would mutter before kissing you deeply.


Your hands gripped the bed sheets tightly as he continuously hit your spot making you moan and scream his name. You could feel yourself getting close and Harry knew. He does one final thrust and you release, Harry doing the same, before he collapses on top of you.


He slumps down next to you and whispers breathlessly, “I love you” into your ear. “Oh and I have another surprise for you.”


You turn to face him, when he says, “Your mum said you can come on the last bit of the tour with us,” before crashing his lips onto yours.


“I love you,” you mumble against his lips, you’d never been happier.

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