That Irish Boy,Niall Horan

Hannah is a normal girl who is bestfriends with Perrie Edwars.. Yes the Perrie from Little Mix. But what happens when Hannah is dying to find out who Perries boyfriend Zayn Malik from the boyband called One Direction. And she becomes friends with Niall Horan. Will they fall in love or will they remain as friends? Read more to find out

*Niall Horan Fan-Fic*

By hannah


3. The date.

Hannahs P.O.V

I was shocked by the amount of food Niall have!. He must really love food. "Okay so what do yous want to do?" Niall asked "TRUTH OR DARE!!"Louis shouted "I'll go first" I said "Okay uhm.. Niall! Truth or dare?"I asked "Uhm... DARE!"he shouted. I giggled and said "Okay I dare you to run down the street shouting I'm sexy and I know it!" Everyone laughed "Alrighty then." He said and he actually did it! I took it on video and posted it on twitter! "Please don't tell me you put that up on twitter!.."Niall said "Oh but I did.."I said. Niall just smirked and said "Oh don't worry.. I'll get you back.. and uhm Hannah can I talk to you in the kitchen?" He said "If its to carry in more food than no!" I said. Niall laughed and said "No it's not that I want to ask you somethin' else" He said. He sounded a bit nervous to be honoust ... I wonder what he's going to ask me.. I walked into the kitchen to find Niall standing at the counter looking at the ground . "So what do you want to ask me?" I wondered. He looked up "Uhm.. I was wondering if uhm y-you want to go on a date some time?" He said. Wait hold on a second! Did the Niall Horan ask me on a date?!?! Ok uhm what will I say? Will I say no? Uhm okay now I'm confused.. I was about to say yes but before I could Niall smashed his lips on to mine. We kissed for a good 5 minutes. We broke away from the kiss "Wow!" I whispered "I know.. so uhm how about that date?"Niall asked "Okay. Uhm here's my phone number and address" I said while I wrote my phone number and address on a piece of tissue. I looked at the time "Shoot! I gotta go!" I said "I'll pick you up tomorrow at eight." Niall said "Okay , Uhm Perrie we got to go the girls are coming over tonight remember?" I said "Oh yeah uhm we got to go uhm I'll see you tomorrow" Perrie said "Bye" The boys said in unison "Okay now spill it!" Perrie almost shouted "Spill what?" I asked "Whats going on between you and Niall ? Tell me everything!" She said jumping up and down. " I'll tell you later okay" I said "Fine but I want every single detail ok!" She said "Okay okay.." We walked into Perries garden and stood there where 3 other girls "Hey sorry we're late, we were at Harrys place and uhm Hannah has a date with Niall we played truth and Hannah kissed Niall and then we came home!"Perrie said "How do you know I have a date with Niall " I said " I didn't but  know I do" Perrie said. "You are a very smart girl.." I said "I know right.. okay lets go inside


Nialls P.O.V

I can't believe she said yes! I really can't stop thinkin' about her! She is just perfect. If Harry tries to make a move I swear I will go mad! Okay she's not even my girlfriend and I'm already a bit too protective.. "What ya thinking about Nialler?"Lou said "Oh hey uhm just thinking about where I'm gonna take Hannah"I said. Lou smirked "Ah I see.. you really like her don't you?"He said "Yeah she's perfect" I said. Lou smirked and walked away 


(A/N) Hey guys this is the next chapter:Dx Uhm I have to go because I'm going to my granda's house for dinner and uhm as soon as I get back Im gonna update!:D<3 leave feedback:-)

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