That Irish Boy,Niall Horan

Hannah is a normal girl who is bestfriends with Perrie Edwars.. Yes the Perrie from Little Mix. But what happens when Hannah is dying to find out who Perries boyfriend Zayn Malik from the boyband called One Direction. And she becomes friends with Niall Horan. Will they fall in love or will they remain as friends? Read more to find out

*Niall Horan Fan-Fic*

By hannah


8. Eleanor

A/N - Heyyy x i am so sorry i havent updated and i wont be able to update from thursday to monday or tuesday cause my mam is in hospital so yeah here is the next chapter


Hannah's P.O.V

Harry has been acting really wierd lately... he's not talking to any of but Louis. I wonder if he is okay."Hey Han"Niall said as he plopped himself onto the couch."Hey Nialler"I said.He smiled and said"Are you okay Han?" "No,I'm worried about Harry he hasn't been talking to any of us but Louis."I said "Oh yeah that.."Niall replied "Maybe I'll go up to hm and hopefully he will talk to me"I said.I got up of the couch and gave Niall a quick kiss and went up to Harry.*KNOCK KNOCK* "Come in"Harry said."Oh u-um h-hey H-Hannah"He stuttered "Hey Harry,um I was wondering if you're okay because you haven't talked to any of us but Lou,you haven't ate anything and you never step foot of the room once!"I said "Ugh I can't do this anymore,Hannah I'm in love with you Hannah! I can't stop thinking about you! Ever since I ever laid eyes on you I fell in love with you "He almost shouted "H-Harry I'm wit-"I was cut of by Harry smashing his lips onto mine. I tried pulling away but he would pull me back. The kiss ended finally "H-Hannah?"Someone said. I turned around to see a teary-eyed Niall standing at the door. "Harry can I talk to Niall for a second?" I asked Harry "Ehm um sure I-I'll be down s-stairs "Harry said "WHY ?"Niall shouted.A tear rolled down my face "Niall it wasn't me it was Harry,I came up to him to see if he was ok and he said that he can't do this anymore and just started saying he's in love with me and out of the blue he just kissed me! Believe me I tried pulling way but he kept pulling me back!"I cried "That bitch!"Niall shouted "HARRY GET YOUR FAT ARSE UP HERE NOW!"Niall shouted.A couple of seconds later Harry came in. It looked like he was crying. "H-Hannah,I'm so sorry!I now you're with Niall and I just really-"Harry was cut of by Niall punching Harry right in the face."NIALL!"I scream "H-Hannah"I cut him of."Save it!. I'm going home. Goodbye Niall. We can talk about this later"I said. I stormed down stairs and went in the sitting room to get Perrie."Perrie can um we go?" I asked her "Yeah but do you mind if Eleanor comes? She's Louis's girlfriend."Perrie asked "Em yeah I just need to go."I said.When we got home I just got out of the car unlocked the door and stormed up to my room and locked my self into my room. I just don't know why he would do that. I know Harry likes me but Niall is my boyfriend and Harry is like my brother we get along so well!Ugh I'm so confused.


A/N: here is the next chapter i hope ye likkee ittt x

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