That Irish Boy,Niall Horan

Hannah is a normal girl who is bestfriends with Perrie Edwars.. Yes the Perrie from Little Mix. But what happens when Hannah is dying to find out who Perries boyfriend Zayn Malik from the boyband called One Direction. And she becomes friends with Niall Horan. Will they fall in love or will they remain as friends? Read more to find out

*Niall Horan Fan-Fic*

By hannah


4. A perfect date with a perfect guy.

Hannahs P.O.V

Jesy,Jade,Perrie and Leigh-anne helped my pick out something to wear on my date with Niall. It took us an hour to choose an outfit!. We picked a lace baby blue dress with red high-heels. Jesy done my make-up and Perrie done my hair. After about an hour of doing hair and make-up it was 7:30pm. So only 30 minutes left. "Wow!You look sexy! I'm so jealous!" Leigh said. I giggled "Yeah but what do you think Niall will say?" I asked "He'll say you look beautiful and ask you to marry him and have his babys!" Perrie said in an american voice.I bursted out laughing "Okay.. Perrie you sometimes worry me.." *DING DONG* "That must be Niall!" Perrie said "Okay I'll get it!" Jade said. "Okay are you sure I look okay?" I asked "You look sexy okay! Know go your prince awaits!" Leigh said. I laughed. I walked out into the hall to see a handsome Niall dressed in a black suit. "Wow!"Niall said"You look amazing!" "You don't look so bad yourself"I said. He laughed and said "Shall we go?" "We shall"I said.I took his hand and walked out the door. I looked back at the girls and mouthed 'Thank you!' There was a taxi waiting outside the house waiting for us!."So where are we going?" I asked Niall. "Oh yeah that reminds me!" He said. Niall put a blindfold  on me. "Uhm why do I need a blindfold?" I asked confused "Because the place is a surprise" He said. After about 10 / 15 minutes the car stopped."Can I take the blindfold of now?"I asked "No! Not yet!" He said . We walked for a good five minutes!.Finally Niall took the blindfold of me. We where in the park and straight ahead of me was a table for two with a candle in the middle of it and rose petals surrounding the table. "Gosh! Niall , what can I say?! It's beautiful" I said. I gave him a hug and whispered into his ear "Thank you" He looked me in the eye and he leaned in closer and closer , our faces were inches apart.I crashed my lips onto his. After about 10 minutes we broke apart "Oh and uhm by the way I booked us a hotel room for 2 nights"He said "Niall you really didn't have to do all of this" I said "It's fine! I wanted do it! I want this date to be perfect!" He said. At the corner of my eye I seen flashing and I looked at Niall and said "Uhm Niall I think the paparazzi are uhm following us.." "Oh shoot! Why can't they give me some privacy for god sake!" He grabbed my arm and we went back to the taxi and told him to drive us to the hotel we were staying in. About 5 minutes later we arrived. The hotel was huge! "This place must of cost a fortune" I said "Ah only £2000"He said "What!!?" I shouted "You spent £2000.. on me...? Niall really I'll pay you b-" "No,it's our date and this is a special night okay.It doesn't matter how much it costs okay"He said "Okay, tonight was just perfect..


Nialls P.O.V 


Hannah looked beautiful! When she walked into the hall .. I was shocked. She is just perfect. We got to the park and it was only 15 minutes away from Perrie's so that was handy. When we kissed , oh god! it was just perfect! She is my princess! When the paparazzi came I was raging inside! Why can't they just give me some space?! Tonight is supposed to be about me and Hannah but the paparazzi just have to ruin it as always. She went mad when she found out I spent £2000, but to me it was no big deal.. But I have to say tonight wast perfect!!


(A/N)Hey guys sorry it took me so long to upload so here is the next chapter I'm gonna update again tomorrow cause i have to go to bed know because i have school tomorrow but its our last week of school WHOOP<3 

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