That Irish Boy,Niall Horan

Hannah is a normal girl who is bestfriends with Perrie Edwars.. Yes the Perrie from Little Mix. But what happens when Hannah is dying to find out who Perries boyfriend Zayn Malik from the boyband called One Direction. And she becomes friends with Niall Horan. Will they fall in love or will they remain as friends? Read more to find out

*Niall Horan Fan-Fic*

By hannah


1. Perrie's boyfriend


Hannah ,19 ,blue eyes ,5"8 and Irish  thats all you gotta know


Hannahs P.O.V


I just came home from Starbucks with Perrie. And if you're wondering yes I am talking about Perrie from Little Mix!. We've been best friends since we were 2. "So Perrie when am I gonna get to meet this boyfriend of yours?" I asked. She giggled "Soon, but not today he's at the studio with his friends!" Yes Perrie's boyfriend is in a boyband , and they have been dating for a year now and I still haven't met him! "Perrie! you've bee dating they guy for a year and I still haven't met him! Please can we go tomorrow?" I begged "Fine! Let me ring him" She said


Perrie's P.O.V

I rang Zayn "Hello?" He said "Hey Zayn" I said "Oh hey babe! Whats up?" he said I giggled "Ehm my friend Hannah is dying to meet you and she is desperate to find out who you are" Zayn laughed " Ok well we're finished at the studio now and we're going to Harrys flat so if you want you can come over now if you want" He said "Okay we'll be over in an hour love you" "Love you too" 


 Hannah's P.O.V

"Okay we'll be over in an hour love you" Perrie said then hung up "Yay I'm gonna meet Perrie's boyfriend!" I sang while jumping around my room "Calm down! Its not a b-" I cut her of and said "It is a big deal! I'm your bestfriend and I  still havent met him!" I said "Okay lets get ready!" Perrie said

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