New Millieu

The scene we are seeing/The people we're being/people, we're being/milieu beleuaged/discombobulated while waiting for something/to come.

Sorry, but I just started


1. POEM: Milieu

The scene we are seeing

The people we're being

people, we're being

milieu beleuaged

discombobulated while waiting for something

to come. I watched inside from the outside

once, wondering why the many personalities never stopped

or wondering if life was a story

or a story was life. Such is the story of my life


I watched outside from the inside once, wondering

if I was dreaming that life was a dream

or I really was imagining things,

such as the millieu (and us)


A  balled up piece of paper in a hand

Bounced like a crumpled life


And lay flat in the sand

For another to scrawl their story

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