Unexpected Lovers

Alex Aquino is a Badminton player


5. The Flirt Boy: Harry Styles

They went to the school and waited for the girl to come out. Suddenly, a woman walks towards the gate. Harry recognized who is she so he walks away and go after her.


"Hey, Alex!" Harry shouts after her

"Oh! Hey, sorry if i didn't entertain you lately this morning" Alex said to Harry

"Nah!, it's fine" Harry said while grinning

"By the way.. how do you know my name??" Alex asked curiously

"While I'm walking to my classroom i looked on the floor and saw this (giving her the Identification Card) so i think that your gonna search for it so i keep it" Harry said

"Oh! that's mine" Alex said while giggling

"You left it cause your in a hurry. By the way.. Can I accompany you home??" Harry said shyly

"Oh sure! let's go!" Alex said to Harry

"Ok but I'm just going to say to all my friends that I'm going to accompany you" Harry said while smiling
"Ok go take your time" Alex said while smiling too


Harry told his friends that he is going to accompany Alex because he is going to court her soon XD

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