Unexpected Lovers

Alex Aquino is a Badminton player


2. Love At First Sight :D

Harry was then walking on a slippery hallway of the school. He seems to be so problematic. Then Alex, one of the badminton player is hurrying upstairs and she bumped Harry accidentally. Alex's things scattered and messed up the tidy hallway. Her shoes, books and school supplies are all in the floor.


"I'm so sorry, I didn't mean that (picking up the things)" Harry said

"It's fine. I'm so sorry too (smiles).. Sorry I gotta go Ba-bye!!! (waves goodbye)" Alex said


Alex left. Harry was very amazed with the beauty of the girl. But wait!!! he didn't asked the girl about her name. Suddenly, he turned his way sadly to the classroom then he looked down on the floor. Then he saw the Identification Card..... and to his surprise.... The girl name was Alex Fromel Horan <3 (A/N: I'm Alex but the Fromel Horan is just a made name haha and I'm not the sister of Niall Horan in the story :D)


A/N: Sorry guys i know it's too short but i wish you love the first chapter :) so please like it and favorite it :) and share it your friends thanks love ya all :*

~Alex Styles <3

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