Bridget just returned to London from New York. She was 9 when she moved. When she returns she tried to reunite with her old friends from her child hood. Once she finds those who are left, A strange blackmailer comes out of no where. She Tried to bring them all together as a group, But it did not work, But will it take time for them to get together again? Their lives have changed, and they change again once she comes back in the picture. Some of the boys keep falling over Bridget, but she can only choose one. She also discovers secrets she had no idea about. Read to find out what this story really goes into, and how it ends.


26. The Plan

*Bridget's P.O.V.*

 I walked into the gymnasium Looking back at Harry and Liam at the door. I nodded at them as a signal that I was ready for the plan. I saw Niall dancing with Bella and I know she noticed me because she kept dragging him away from me, and part of the plan was to get him alone.   "Hey want to dance?" A voice from behind me said. I turned around to see Zayn standing there. "You're here?" I asked surprised. "Well ya obviously I'm here. I'm standing here aren't I." He chuckled but I just held a serious face. "Ha.ha funny..But I would love to dance buutt.." I looked over seeing Bella and Niall get on the dance floor. "Actually ya lets go!" I took his hand and dragged him to where everyone was dancing. During the song I tried to get to Bella and Niall so I could switch Zayn and Niall and get to Niall.  "Wow you're all over the place slow down." Zayn spat at me. "No thank you!" I went even faster. Finally as Zayn did a move I got Niall to some how end up in my arms. I mouthed at Zayn to get Bella away and he actually did. "Bridget I can't talk to you.." Niall tried to break free but I locked hands with him. "Why.Because Bella said so, you're a grown boy can't you make your own decisions?" I titled my head at me and he just bit his lip rolling his eyes. "Thought so." "What do you want make it quick." "Niall. Bella is dangerous I'm telling you. Just come with me and leave. Everything I said earlier is true!" "What you expect me to believe Bella killed Melissa? She died in a car accident you guys are living in a fantasy of C.S.I!" He started getting attitude and I hate attitude so I got a bit offended. "Look Niall I am trying to save you here! From her! Don't believe me stick with me for now and I will prove it!" I shouted at him. He hesitated glaring at Bella then back at me "Why do you care about me even way?We barely know each other." I was silent then I just stepped back "You coming or not?"  He let out a sigh then walked forward me "Lets go." I Smiled and walked off. Zayn came running behind us. "Hey where ya guys going without me?" "O ya I knew I was forgetting something." We all laughed and started walking to the car where Harry and Liam were waiting.  "The plan actually worked huh?" Liam said. "Indeed!" I said with pride. "I give you props." Harry said winking at me and I blushed. Liam just acted like he didn't care getting in the car and Zayn made it obvious he was not happy with that. "So did you guys find out where Louis is?" I asked looking at Harry. "Ya me and Liam found out he's at home!" He giggled. "Wait, why do we need to know where Louis is?" Niall looked at me confused. "Just get in the car!" We all got in and drove off on our way to Louis house.     A/N: Sorry I am updating late :L again, I'm busy with school Freshman year is tough. But hey I'm still updating which means I think about it ;D keep reading please Xx
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