Bridget just returned to London from New York. She was 9 when she moved. When she returns she tried to reunite with her old friends from her child hood. Once she finds those who are left, A strange blackmailer comes out of no where. She Tried to bring them all together as a group, But it did not work, But will it take time for them to get together again? Their lives have changed, and they change again once she comes back in the picture. Some of the boys keep falling over Bridget, but she can only choose one. She also discovers secrets she had no idea about. Read to find out what this story really goes into, and how it ends.


27. End of fanfic(for now)PLEASE READ!

I've decided I barely got time to publish and I haven't published in what? a month. so I decided I am just going to put the fanfiction to an end right now. I don't know if anybody reads it but yea if you do sorry, I will let you guys know if I am starting back in again, and the funny thing is the fanfiction was coming to an end soon even way and I was going to do a second book later! XD we'll see what happens.

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