The Misogynist – Result Of Step Mums Gone Bad

The cause and effect concept simple means for every effect there is always a cause right? Here is the story of Terence Johnson who at a very tender age unconsciously grew into hatred for women as a result of actions of his step mums


1. Pilot

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*Bed Squeaks* *Loud Moans* oh baby please stop now, I can't take it any more she said in an agitated tone, as Terence pounded her fast and hard like a raging bull in a missionary position. He paused for a minute, lifted her up and put her on her hands and knees and rammed her from behind, this time much harder, she could feel him deep inside her while she screamed.


Terence never really made love to women, rather he subjected them, overpowered them, ravaged them, subdued them.


At age 13 his mum was battling cancer, he was a kid didn't understand much. His dad was supportive, but being a top executive he lived a busy life so he needed a woman in the house to look after Terence and his siblings.


He was a prime target by viscous women, gold diggers and dejected ex wives. It all started when Terence's dad, Derek made a trip to the company clinic where he was the chief financial officer. Word had spread round the office that Derek's wife was on life support, and he had little kids whom needed to be taken care of, so he was vulnerable.


*Door Opens* *Smell of clinical Equipments in the air* Hello sir, how are you today, Betty the chief nurse of the clinic greeted him, how can I be of assistance to you today. Well have not been feeling to well for the past few days can't really explain how I feel exactly. OK we would run some tests and get back to you she responded, fair enough he replied. Bye have a nice day.


Betty was astounded, not often does the CFO of the company come around, and occasionally when he does he talks to the company doctor only. Then she thought about his vulnerability and how she could capitalize on it.


Betty was a barren woman, in her youthful days she was wild and carefree, had one to many abortions that destroyed her womb, to make matters much worse, she was ill tempered, impatient and intolerable. Her husband of many years had practically given on her, and they got seperated.


Couple of days later, Terence's little brother Sean was down with a flu so he was taken to the clinic as well and Betty was the one who looked after him, the next time Derek was in to get feedback on his test results Betty used that opportunity to get inside his head.


Welcome Sir, she said with a smile on her face, your test results came back positive, apparently you are just stressed lately which is very understandable. Yes probably Derek responded, well I think I can help you a bit if you let me she said, how exactly he asked with curiosity.


Well you know am a trained nurse, I could volunteer to help take care of your wife at the hospital as well, when I have my off days I will go down there to support and keep an eye on her, and Sean was here yesterday he is down with a flu I took care of him, but he needs a mother figure at his tender age I would so much like to look after him.


Wow Derek said with excitement beaming all over his face, I will be very happy if you truly mean all what you just said, am positive sir she responded. Without hesitation, Derek shook her hand and thanked her. I will have my Personal Assistant send you the hospital and my home address.


Would you have blamed Derek, he saw no possible consequences to what he just agreed to, honestly no one would have thought otherwise, but a desperate woman is a dangerous one, their venoms are twice as potent as that of a snake

Betty had made his way into his head and she was ready to hatch a devious plan, life sucks most times especially for good people, what could Derek possibly have done to deserve the dangers and troubles that lie ahead?


It was on a lovely Wednesday morning, Betty was off, and as she promised she was down at the hospital. Walking through the corridors that lead to the ward where Beatrice was, an avalanche of thoughts flowed through her head, on one hand she was a bit scared because her intentions where not good, on the other she thought about the benefits of having Beatrice out of the way and having Derek all to herself.


After all she was dying she thought, could as well put her out of her mystery sooner


On entering the ward, she introduced herself, Hi am Betty the company nurse where your husband works, I know all about you, Derek was here earlier to tell me about you, thank you for your support. Beatrice felt rather uncomfortable, she had a bad feeling about her.


The next time Derek was in to visit Beatrice, she complained about Betty to him. Derek please that woman is bad news, I can sense she is up to no good, please get rid of her. Oh do not be like that, she is just trying to be helpful and I can use the help right about now he responded.


She even promised to look after Sean he added, OMG!!!! Beatrice responded almost going into a panic attack, then she kept quiet. In an instant she had concluded Betty was out to get Derek due to the situation at hand, for the first time in her life she felt so helpless. You no more saying anything Derek asked, nothing to be said she responded, I agree with you.


There was no point fighting over what she couldn't do anything about because she was indisposed


Beatrice knew there was no point trying to make Derek reason with her, she was weak and disadvantaged, nothing really she could do, but she had a contingency plan in mind. She was closer to Ron, Derek's personal assistant and driver for so many years.


Over the course of the year, Ron had spent more time with her than Derek, there had been days where he stood in as her husband, Derek couldn't possibly be there at crucial times because of the nature of his job.


A bit understandable it you ask me, someone has got to look after the family and pay the Medicare bills


Beatrice was an angel in her own way, everyone loved her, she was cheerful, open minded, giving and always helpful. She complimented Derek as he was uptight, strict and always about his business, couldn't care less about people around him.


As we weeks went by, Betty visited Beatrice during her off times, she was being awfully to nice and concerned, his pricked Beatrice Conscience the more, but she was never the type to confront people without having any proof so she let it slide.


Betty also visited Derek's home to keep an eye on Sean like she promised, Terence could remember the first day she walked in the door, Hello Terence how are you she said, he just nodded his head, he had a gut feeling about her.


So apparently seems the whole world could see through Beatrice except for Derek which was very unfortunate, Ron to was sceptical about her.


Beatrice had been away for a while, and Betty knew Derek could use some companion and care, she saw that as an opportunity to move in on him up close and personal. She was a perfect plan maker and hatcher, calculated, cold blooded and ruthless.


*Phone Beeps* Hello Maggy, Betty from the clinic is here to see you. Let her in, thanks he responded with a bit of excitement. Have a seat, first I would like to say I really appreciate what you have been doing for me and my family lately he said. Well am glad to help she responded.


So what brings you to my office, I hope the wife and kids are OK, oh yes they are, Sean is better now, Beatrice is still hanging in there so we hoping for the best for her. Yes Derek replied, well am here because of you, am concerned about you as well, you need to be taken care of. You work hard and are stressed most of the time from work and family pressure especially now that there is no woman to look after the home she said in a tender innocent tone.


Hmmm you have a point there he responded, so what do you propose, well apart from helping you with your wife and kids I can also be your friend, we can hangout, you can talk to me about anything, call me when you get lonely, this will help relax you and take your mind off things a bit she concluded.


*Silence* Derek paused for a couple of seconds, he really liked the idea, it had been over a year since he had some real companion and time out from all the hassle going on for him at the moment, Excellent he replied out loud. I like the sound of that, OK then dinner tonight around 7 pick me up from the clinic when you about to leave the office she said.


OH well, suppose to go see the wife, I do that everyday after work about the same time he responded with a sad face, well not going for one day won't make things better or worse, you deserve a time out she responded. You are right he replied, so it's a date then.


Derek was the introverted type, not a socialite, growing up ..all he ever did was study figures and formulas thus making him a very successful finance guru.


*Ambient Room Surrounding* *In A Fancy Restaurant Down Town* You do not have to be here if you are not comfortable Betty said to Derek, oh am absolutely fine he responded, I actually feel so relaxed and liberating its been a while since I had this feeling.


*Smile Beaming All Over Betty's Face* She knew she had him exactly where she wanted, so far so good everything seemed to be working out well for her, so tell me really how has life been for you for sometime now she asked interestingly.


Well to be honest, it has been hell for me he responded, one minute am thinking about my wife who is fighting for her life next minute am receiving calls from the directors of the company asking for updates on both national and international transaction figures, in the past few months alone have cancelled most of my international travel appointments, then the kids, Gosh!!!!.


I can feel your pain she responded in a sorrowful tone, am here to help ease your stress and take away most of your troubles if you let me, really!!! Derek asked, absolutely she responded. You would be a life saver if you can full this one off he said, Betty blushed, but this was a disguise, Derek felt like a happy camper not knowing he was pitching his tent in the wrong woods.


Derek felt elevated a bit, would you blame him really, sweet music to his ears. Betty slowly made her presence in Derek's home known, occasionally she would act like Derek sent her to check up on Sean, his two sisters and Terence, she would ask them if they needed anything, your dad handed me money in case any of you need anything so lets spend it all, no need taking it back to him he doesn't need it, she said in a fun tone.


Kids would be kids, when it comes to spending their parents money they can never got enough, Beatrice was a woman she knew this and used it to her advantage, occasionally she would invite Derek for dinner after work twice a week.


Twice a week became thrice a week until it became a daily affair, Derek saw nothing wrong with this, Derek was becoming very comfortable around her which was what she wanted apparently. Derek was working on a renovation for a new house he had just acquired for his family, so he took Betty along occasionally.


*Soft Moans* Ron was walking past on the property during one of the visits to the house when he walked past Derek and Betty making out in one of the empty rooms. She was up against the wall with Derek all over her.


Ron had always had a funny feeling about Betty from day one, it got to a point where he thought perhaps he was just been paranoid, until this recent encounter which confirmed his suspicions. His discontent for her was certain after that vivid encounter.


A couple of days later, Ron and Terence where in the hall waiting to go in to see Beatrice. Terence you will have to brace yourself for the coming events, your Dad is going to make some moves which you may not like, Betty is not who she shows the world she is. How exactly do you mean Uncle Ron, Terence asked with a confused look on his face.


In time you will understand, I just need you to be strong, wise and patient. Betty looks like someone on a mission, and not a good one at that, it is written all over her face but most people can see it and it's a damn shame.


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