Isn't This Lovely

Thea and Niall have been a couple for almost a year now. With him and the boys returning to London, what other troubles will come with them? Find out in Isn't This Lovely.


1. Phone Calls

"Hey Princess!"

I smile as the blonde's face pops onto the screen of my iPad. Me and Niall have been together for 11 months now and I haven't seen him for nearly 4 weeks because he's been in America with the other boys promoting their new album.

"Hi Niall! I miss you so much."

"You have no idea how much I've missed you these last few weeks." I blush at his comment, only to receive another.

"You're adorable, love. It's so cute when you blush. Anyway, I have some amazing news!" he rushed.

I can tell he's excited to tell me about his news simply by the fact that his words are beginning to slur together.

"Woaaah slow down a bit Ni, I can't keep up"

"Sorry beautiful! We're co-" he was jumped on by a mass of chocolate curls.


"Oi, Styles. You know my name is not Tay." I giggle, earning a cheeky grin from him.

"What ever you say Tay" he whispers down the microphone and winks. I shoot him a dirty look which Niall interrupts. Ugh.

"Get off me now Haz, I can't feel my legs!" the blue eyed boy shouts.

"Alright, alright" Harry mumbles whilst climbing off Niall. 

"Sorry about that. Where was I?" Niall says, giving me an apologetic smile. 

"You were gonna tell me your good news?" I reply, still waiting for it. 

"YES!" he screams down the webcam and gives me the biggest smile. How cute. But woah, he's excited. 

"Bloody heck, calm down and just tell me!"

"We're coming home! You need to be at Heathrow Airport on this Saturday at 6:45pm"


"You seem more excited than me! But yeah, we are all coming back home!"

"YAY" I can't believe this. He's been in America for the last 4 weeks and he's coming home.




Saturday morning.

Today is the day that I see my beautiful boyfriend again. I grab my phone, jump out of bed and trip straight over my dog. How is he still asleep? He's just had my foot in his back! 

"Jaden, I love you to bits but you're such an idiot" I say to him. He acknowledges that, he must think his name is 'idiot'. Ah well. He looks up at me with his eyes that are too big for his head and his tongue hanging out the side of his mouth, his tail going mental. He's supposed to be a big scary Rottweiler but he's the most stupid dog I've ever met.

By the time I had finished rolling round the floor with Jaden, it was 8:30. I need to get ready then go shopping because Niall was gonna be hungry. Oh no. So I went into the en suite bathroom and stripped out of my old t-shirt and shorts, and ran my fingers through my long, wavy blonde hair.

I climbed into the shower and turned on the tap, getting the temperature perfect before washing myself under the steamy water. It was so hot my skin was already turning pinky red. When I had finished washing I got out and dried myself off and brushed my hair down over my shoulder. I quickly dried it and then couldn't decide what to do with it. Straighten, curl or leave it wavy. Leave it, its just so much easier. I clean my teeth whilst thinking of what to wear, then apply minimal makeup. Foundation to make me look less pale, eyeliner and marcara to make my bright blue eyes seem lighter and a nude lip gloss to define my lips.

I walk out of the bathroom into my room and head straight to my bed. I grab my phone on the way past to make a call. Sammie, my best friend, eventually picked up and started moaning about how I woke her up.

"I'm sorry, but get your ass out of bed Sam! I need you to come shopping with me!"

"What time is it?"



I start laughing and she grumbles again. She's such a lovely person to talk to in the morning.

"So I take it you're not coming?"

"Give till 11 then I'll get up"

"I'll buy you coffee if you get up now?"


She's mad when it comes to coffee.

"Okay, I'll be at your house in 30 minutes! Be ready!"

"I'm only saying I'll come because you're buying me coffeeeeeeeeeee"

"Okay just go get ready now, I'm hanging up"

I pressed the end call button without giving her time to respond. I threw my phone back onto my bed and walked over to my wardrobe. I grabbed my black leggings, black vest, washed out denim jacket, Jack Wills tote bag, plastic glasses and white converse. I put it all on and walked over to the mirror. I looked quite good even if I say so myself.

I ran downstairs, fed Jaden and heard my phone. I looked at it and it was Sammie telling me she was ready to go. I ran towards the front door and grabbed my keys and left, locking it behind me.




*****Authors Note*****

This is my first ever attempt at writing so, sorry if its terrible. Sorry for making it so long too. Whoops. If you want to talk to me my kik is: lanaperrywbu   feel free to chat, i dont bite haha. Next chapter will probably be up next week.

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