The Hotline

"Do you think anyone would miss me?" A deep,raspy voice comes on the line, before I even say my name."Do you think anyone would care? If I pull the trigger of this gun, who would miss me?" I am startled by the sound of a gun being loaded. I am about to respond, when suddenly I hear a shot go off.


14. Chapter Fourteen


"So is that where your anxiety attacks come from?" Niall asks. All of the boys and myself are sitting on the floor in front of Niall's bed, everyone is now sniffling and red eyed from all the crying. The guys stopped crying after I had told them I wouldn't continue until they stopped. Though that deal wasn't made more myself.

"No, that started when I was younger. I just got a severe case of claustrophobia which led to the anxiety." They all nod their heads in knowledge and Harry takes my hand in his, calming me down a bit.

"So what are you planning on doing? Are you going to go back home?" Louis asks.

"No, I don't want to. I think I'm gonna stay at the office, that way I can get more calls too."

"What about your stuff?" Harry whispers.

"Yeah, that's the problem."

"We can take you." Exclaims Louis, as we all start to stand.

"Thanks, but I don't think I can handle going now. I think I need a drink to forget things."

"I thought you didn't drink." Liam says

"I think tonight is an exception." I say and they all chuckle.

The one drink that Maddy was planning on having, turned into many ultimately leaving her passed out on Niall's couch. Her phone was locked so I couldn't really call her dad, though I don't think she would've wanted me to even if I could. I took the decision of taking her to sleep in my flat, though not without plenty of disagreement from the group.

"Harry." Niall says in a warning tone, but I ignore the complaints as I walk out of the flat.

"Mmmm" I hear Maddy moan into my chest as I carry her to the elevator.


"Shh Maddy!" I chuckle.


We finally get into the elevator, me having to use my foot to press the button to go up to my floor.






"I'm really drunk." 


I smile and climb out of the lift as we reach my floor. I open the door to my flat whilst still carrying Maddy. Right as we step in I hear Maddy mumble something inaudible.




"Sick!" She yells as she climbs out of my arms and races down the hall checking every door until she finds the restroom. All I hear coming from the inside the room are her moans and sickly gag noises. Regardless, I rush to her and see if she's okay. 


She isn't.


Her body is hugging the toilet seat and she looks ghostly white. I walk over to her and crouch down to her size, I gently gather her hair as she continues to vomit.

After I'm sure there is nothing left for Maddy to throw-up I help her clean up, later taking her into my room. Maddy subconsciously crawls under my covers, and in a matter of minutes she is out.


I quietly exit the room with a pillow and soft throw in my hand.



In my dreamed fill slumber, everything is wonderful. Lexi and I are picnicking with our mum soon joined by Tommy and Dad. Everything is at peace, only it's not. I awaken, to only wish I hadn't, the aching of normal rushing through my mind.


Suddenly I am in a state of confusion, as my surrounding are unfamiliar. I shoot up sitting on a large bed, surrounded by pillows that smell very much like a man.


I rush out of the bed as quickly as I can, the idea of whose house I'm at still not dawning on me. I run out of the room and come upon what is a television area. My heart finally settles down, as I recognize the mop of curls coming out from a blanket on the couch. I tiptoe quietly to where he is and pull back the blanket to reveal his face, soundly sleeping. 


"Harry." I whisper whilst slightly poking him with my index finger. No movement emerges from the couch and I crouch down.


"Harry." I say a bit louder whilst applying more pressure to my poke. Still no reaction.


"HARRY!" I shout loudly. Suddenly he shoots up knocking his head against mine. We both immediately rub our foreheads and I back up from him.


"Sorry." Harry mumbles in a scratchy sleepy voice. I continue to rub my forehead as Harry rises from the couch, stretching his arms above his head and I look down and witness his exposed and very prominent v-line. Harry catches my gaze as I look up making him smirk, he then nods his head in the direction of my legs, its then that I realize my legs are completely bare, only a large T-shirt coming down to my mid-thigh.


"You didn't- I changed my self, right?" I stutter. He laughs loudly and nods his head. Then shaking his hair with both his hands.


"Another question. Why am I here exactly?"


"Well" He begins, "You were sort of drunk off your ass, and I didn't think you wanted to go home, so.." 


I nod my head as Harry picks up his makeshift bed, and walks over to the entrance closet and throws everything in whilst I take a look around his flat. The entire place is a soft grey color and the dark furniture compliments it well. Throughout the flat, there are various things that bring the room together. All of the pictures of his family and the boys are framed and hung perfectly on the wall. There are many unique and interesting paintings along the walls, making the place seem more like Harry.


"Do you need to shower or anything?" He asks as I follow him to the kitchen. He opens many cupboards until he finds two cups for what I guess is tea. 


"Actually, I was going to head home and get my things. And shower." I say as I take a smell of my breath. 


"What about your dad?" 


"That's kind of why I want to go now, Lexi has a soccer game today which means he'll be there all day with her." I say as I take the cup of tea Harry has made for me.


"Do you want me to take you?" He asks.


"No, you've done enough. I'm just going to call for a car." 


"Don't be silly, I'll drive you. We can head out for lunch too." 


"Lunch?" I question.


"Yeah, its one in the afternoon Maddy."


After Harry and I finish our tea, and I take a swig of his mouthwash,I change back into my cloths and try to fix my bird's nest of hair, with partially good results. We head out of the flat and make our way down to the first floor. Just as we are about to leave Harry stops at the door and leans against the frame of it. 


"What are you doing?" I ask.


"We can't leave without Paul, you'll get torn to pieces." He says seriously.




"Harry, and Maddy." Paul greets us with a smile as we follow him out the front door. Thankfully we make it to Harry's car without any disruptions and Paul takes the driving turn. Harry and I sliding into the back seat, clicking our seat belts on.


"So, where to?" Paul asks as he turns on the engine.


"We're actually going to go to Maddy's house, pick up a few things."


"Yeah. What he said." I smile into the rearview mirror.


"And Paul, we don't really want anyone to find out."


"Gotcha!" He says as we pull out of the flat building parking lot.



After taking what seemed to be every back road available in London, we make it to my house safe and sound. Paul pulls up to my drive way, and Harry and I hop out.


"I'm going to go around the block, make sure no one's around." Paul says.


"Okay, I'll ring you when we're ready." Harry's says as he closes the car door. We walk up to my front door, and suddenly all energy inside of me disappears.


"Are you going to be okay?" Harry whispers as I unlock the door. I don't answer and simply continue to walk inside; instantly I can feel the change of atmosphere. 


I don't bother searching for anything on the bottom level and head straight to my room upstairs, Harry following closely behind. I open my bedroom door and suddenly feel self conscious for how small my room is compared to that of Harry's. I don't dwell on the thought and open my wardrobe door and start to pull out many of my cloths, along side with extra journals and such.


I smile and say, "Yeah, can you hand me that suitcase over there." I point my index finger to a rather large navy blue case in the corner of the room. Harry turns and spots the case, bringing it to me as I start to pair off my shoes. He kneels down and I suddenly feel my heart to pound at a rate faster than the norm. 


Everything that happened starts to come back in flashes through my mind as my hands start to shake. I have to drop the things in my hand and sit back on my bum to relax. 


"Maddy," I hear Harry's voice. "You need to calm down. Listen to me, and open your eyes."


I open my eyes and see Harry's green ones staring back filled with concern. "Maddy, I need you to breathe."


I follow his instructions and breath in slowly and unsteadily release it. "Good." Harry states.


I have to repeat the process a couple of time but ultimately get my mind to settle down. Panic attack avoided.


"Thank you." I mumble after I calm down.


"Well, you have saved my life a time or two." He chuckles.



In an hour we managed to get all of my things packed and placed neatly in the back of the car. Harry and I climb into the back once again and Paul starts to drive.


"Hey Paul, we're going to go out for lunch." Harry says as we both buckle in our seat belts.


"Actually Harry, you can't. Remember you have to be in the studio in half an hour." Paul says stopping at a stop light.


"That's okay Harry, i actually wanted to settle in at the office. I can always eat later." I smile only to get a sad look from harry's part. I give Paul the address to the office, and the rest of the ride is spent in silence.



"Are you sure you're going to be okay?" Harry asks as we finish unloading my last bag from the car. 


"Yeah. I'll be fine."


"You call, and I'm here in heartbeat. Okay?"


"Okay." I smile.

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