The Hotline

"Do you think anyone would miss me?" A deep,raspy voice comes on the line, before I even say my name."Do you think anyone would care? If I pull the trigger of this gun, who would miss me?" I am startled by the sound of a gun being loaded. I am about to respond, when suddenly I hear a shot go off.


15. Chapter Fifteen

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"Where were you?" Louis asks, when I walk into the studio.


"I was helping Maddy, she moved out." 


None of the boys respond as they sit on the couch, adjacent the recording booth. Lately, the recordings have always been spent in silence unless you're singing, mostly because we're usually in that 'sick of each other' phase. Though today, I can feel a different kind of atmosphere, and I know that something is bound to happen.


"Liam, you're up first mate." The sound man says gesturing towards the booth. Liam walks over and closes the door behind him, placing the large headphones over his ears. I take a seat, picking up the lyrics sheets from the side table. As I review the words in front of me, my mind places absolutely no attention to it at all. My thoughts race back to Maddy, and how alone she must feel right now


The lads must have sensed something wrong with me because as soon as I move my gaze from the paper in front of me, they all turn to me. Even Louis.


"Look mate, we all have things we're not proud of. Thought lately, the only thing we're not proud of is treating our brother so shitty."Zayn speaks up first. I look him straight in the eye and know that he is being genuine, I give him a small smile and when he returns one I know that we're okay again.


"Yeah, we've all been dicks." Niall says. I give him a small smile, but the only person I want an apology from is Louis. Though, he seems extremely interested in his shoes; not looking at me. I wait for an apology from him, but receive nothing in return. I look away from him and snicker just loud enough so he hears it. Liam steps out of the booth and I storm inside, not waiting my turn. I slam the door shut and place the headphones over my ears, feeling the warm that Liam left. And I block everything out, close my eyes and sing.



After I exit the booth, I don't say goodbye and storm out of the building. Who does he think he is treating me like that, he has no idea what's going on. I know that I need to clear my head before I do anything reckless, and I know that I can't do anything stupid for Maddy's sake. She needs me, she needs a rock right now


So instead of heading to the nearest pub and getting pissed off my ass, I go home.


Once i'm inside the building, I drop myself on the couch and place my hands on my head. After a few seconds in that position, I swivel my body to lay down, but stop as I feel something on the armrest. I turn around and see that it's Maddy's jacket from the previous night. Before I can stop myself, I ring up the office and have to wait a couple of seconds before she answers.


"Welcome to the hotline, Maddy speaking." Her tiny voice rings through my phone.


"Maddy, it's Harry." I say walking to my kitchen and opening my fridge.


"Hey." She says softly.


"So, I found your jacket here. Figured it served as an excuse to see you tomorrow." I say scratching the back of my head.


"Uh hu.." 


"So is that a yes for a breakfast tomorrow.?"


"I have class at noon, so I guess that could work."


My heart races and I smile into the phone, closing the fridge. "Great!" 


"Where were you thinking?"


"Uhm.. How about I bring food there?"


"Sounds good, I'm going to go I have another call. Bye Harry."


"Bye Maddy." I smile as I disconnect. 



In the morning, I have to wake up a tad earlier to clean up the mess of cloths that has happened in the office. Almost immediately after I get ready, I hear a knock at the door and I race to it, taking a breath before I open it.


"Hey Har-.. Danielle?" Instead of Harry I see Dani and Liam standing there smiling at me.


"Hey Maddy! Liam got your address from Harry's phone." Dani says walking past me into the office.


"Uhm-" I am honestly at loss of words as I close the door.


"Yeah, Dani wanted to come visit. Hope you don't mind, I kind of filled her in." Liam says turning red.


"No that's fine, Dani seems trustworthy."


"Oh, I am!"


"So, what brings you guys up here?" I say walking towards the window, making sure the blinds re closed.


"Well I figured we could go shopping for Harry's party tomorrow night." Dani says whilst smiling. 


"Harry's party?" 


Dani doesn't get a chance to answer before Harry walks into the office holding a large basket of what I guess is food.


"Hey Mad- Wait why are you two here?" He asks setting down the basket on the floor.


"Apparently you're throwing a party tomorrow." I say walking towards him.


"Maddy, I was going to ask you to come, right now actually."


I don't respond and instead pull him out of the building and outside into the alley. He gives me a look as I close the door behind me. 


"I don't care about the party, I care that everyone is taking pity of me." I whisper-yell. "I don't want to be invited because you all feel bad." I look down at my shoes. I hear harry breathe in sharply and suddenly I feel his large hands on my face. He gently raises my head and I look at him in the eyes.


"Maddy, the only person who is taking pity of you is yourself. We all really like you. You're a cool girl." 


It takes me a couple of seconds to respond, "Well I guess I'm skipping breakfast and going shopping." After, I am embraced by his large arms and instantly I melt into his body.



Shopping with Danielle was probably the most interesting trip to the mall of my life. As soon as we stepped out of the car, we were photographed and bombarded with questions by many teenage girls.


"Just ignore them, they'll take a hint in a second." She says whilst we walk towards the large entrance of the shopping centre. 


I nod my head and walk with my head down until we arrive at the first door, where the store attendants make the girls go away. 


"We have the store for an hour."


"By ourselves?" 


"Course', we couldn't shop with all them following us around." Dani says nonchalantly.





"So what are you planning to wear for Harry's birthday party?" Danielle asks as I step into a dressing room.


"I'm not sure. I was actually thinking about skipping it, catching up with him later."


"What! Why? You can't miss his birthday, you're his best friend right now.." Daniele exclaims whilst throwing a shirt over the door. 


I catch it and begin to slip it on. "That's just it. I mean you all have known each other for so long. but it's like we just met and… I don't know, maybe he just feels sorry for me." I tug on the end of the shirt before deciding it's not for me and throwing at back over. 


"Maddy ! How could you ever think that?. You're Harry's world, he really are cares for you. You're all he ever talks about." Danielle says whilst throwing yet another dress over the door. 


"Dani, I'm tired of trying things on." I huff. 


"Come one last one. "She says.


I turn around from the three-way mirror and look at Dani. "Look," she says. "I'm going to tell you something, because I think you really need to hear it. Harry, he doesn't like making new friends because the press is really hard on him, a bit more than the other boys. They like to over-analyze everything he does, so he just keeps to himself. But when he met you, he immediately started talking to us again, about you. I'm not one hundred percent sure but I think that Harry has feelings for you. Strong feelings.




"Yeah, you. Harry hasn't been this excited about anyone for a really long time. Promise me you'll go tomorrow night, yeah?"



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