The Hotline

"Do you think anyone would miss me?" A deep,raspy voice comes on the line, before I even say my name."Do you think anyone would care? If I pull the trigger of this gun, who would miss me?" I am startled by the sound of a gun being loaded. I am about to respond, when suddenly I hear a shot go off.


11. Chapter Eleven

I know this is a short chapter, like extremely short. I made it that way for a reason, I am updating again in a few seconds.

It's been two weeks since my first meeting with Harry in the office. Since him and the lads have not exactly made up he spends most of his time at my place. Which isn't exactly easy. He literally has to send out decoys, so that people don't figure out where I live, and I have to take a different route home. Though strangely enough, I don't mind as long as I get to see Harry.

To say the least, Lexi is more than okay with Harry being over. Although she can't really say anything about it, she enjoys Harry's company. In my opinion, I think that Lexi sees Harry as an older brother. My dad left on another trip, this time only for three days. I think my dad took a liking to Harry, mostly because of the fact that I am much happier.

I enter the house, dropping my school bag on the floor by the door. I can already hear Harry's loud laugh coming from the living area and Lexi's high squeak. I smile and walk over to them, witnessing Harry tickle the life out of Lexi. "Hey Styles, what ever happened to letting the person in charge know you're coming over?" I challenge

He smirks and lets Lexi go, as she lays her back on the carpet, throwing her soccer ball up and down. He walks up to me and makes a face making me giggle. 

Don't be cocky!" I say. 

He takes my hand and gently embraces me tightly. He then leans back tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. 

"Hey Mad's" He whispers. 

That's what I love about being friends with Harry, I have the opportunity to get close with him. I get to know him like no one else.  

"Hey Lex, have you started your homework?" I say quietly still looking directly at HArry.

"I was just about to do it."


"How have you and the guys been?" I whisper closing the door behind me. It's now seven in the evening and Lexi taking a shower.

"We're okay, I guess. It's just Louis. He just doesn't get it." He says shaking his head. 

I nod whilst we walk down the sidewalk. "But Eleanor and the other boys they all miss you." He says looking at me.

"They met me twice. I bet you're the only one who likes me." I giggle. 

"Oh. About that. I don't really like you, I think you're horrid." Harry says seriously. 

My mouth opens wide and I playfully hit his arm. "Don't be an arse Styles. You know you love me." I giggle loudly. He chuckles and pushes me lightly. 

"You should come over tomorrow, and hang out with everyone." He says whilst we continue to walk. 

"I wish I could, but my day comes home tomorrow. I promised I would have the house spotless." 

"That's fine. I actually have to record at the studio tomorrow." 

"Oh, are you all doing a new song?" I ask kicking a rock on the pavement. 

Harry looks at his feet and smiles sadly. "No. Just me. " 

I don't push the subject and change the topic quickly. "We should head back." 


I am actually awake before nine in the morning on a Friday. Since I'm on a three-day holiday, I'm taking advantage and cleaning my dads room. For someone who travels a lot, his room is a mess. 

"I can feel the love.." I sing along to my music loudly whilst finishing the touches on the closet. As I hang up one of my dad's suits I notice the mess on the top rack. 

"Oh dad." I huff. I start to bring down the various things down. As I pull down a large comforter, a small black box comes down also. 

I drop the comforter and I feel my heart start beating faster. I recognize the box immediately. It belonged to Tommy, the last christmas gift he received from our mum. I bend down to pick it up and slide down the closet door slowly to the floor. It takes me a few seconds to build up the courage to actually open the box. 

But I do, and I regret it.

Inside is nothing but a single thin envelope and my name scribbled in his familiar handwriting on the front.

Before I even open the envelope I know what it is, and I can feel the tears sliding down my cheeks.

This is Tommy's suicide letter.


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