The Hotline

"Do you think anyone would miss me?" A deep,raspy voice comes on the line, before I even say my name."Do you think anyone would care? If I pull the trigger of this gun, who would miss me?" I am startled by the sound of a gun being loaded. I am about to respond, when suddenly I hear a shot go off.


8. Chapter Eight

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As I get out of the car, my thoughts begin to jumble up in my head. This doesn't happen to people. I can't just say that I know Harry on a personal level, that's just not something that's normal. My breathing is becoming increasingly heavy. I can do this.

Harry gets out of the car first and I wait as he goes around the front; dodging the rude men. Just as he is opening my door, a very large and tall man comes out of the building. As harry takes off my seatbelt and helps me out, I see him smile over at the man. 

"Oi! Everyone! Out! You cannot be here!" The man's voice is stern and loud making the people back away, but not without a couple of questions directed at Harry. 

"Harry! Is it true, you and Louis are together ?" 

My voice hitches in my throat and my face turns red with anger. I am just about to go at it with the photographer, when Harry places an arm on my shoulder and leads me up the stairs to the tall building. 

I learn the man who Harry smiled at is 'Paul' , and he is head of security for the band. I smile at him as he closes the door to the building. 

"Okay, so the building has six floors. Each of the band members has a whole floor and the extra one is for Paul here." Harry smirks as he pats Paul on the bag. 

I take off the hood placed a top my head and follow Harry into the lift he is walking towards. 

"Okay, I believe that everyone is Liam's tonight, are you alright with that?" Harry's question makes me laugh slightly. 

"Am I okay with meeting One Direction? I think so." I smile and Harry presses a button in the lift.

Whilst in the lift, I turn to Harry and my voice I serious. "Harry, I understand now. Why you feel so stressed. I'm so sorry." Harry breaks our gaze and looks to the floor. 

"I feel that with a few more sessions, I'll be okay." He looks up at me and smiles slightly, but disappointingly not enough to show his dimples. 

I have to physically shake my head to wake my mind up. Since when do I stare at someone's  dimples and get giddy about it? Never, that's when. 

As the lift door opens, Harry takes my hand making me blush like a madman. "Hey, your mum won't mind ail she?" 

I give a Harry a look that is blank and I know it. It's the look I give everyone, when I speak about my mum. "I don't think so, she's dead." 

Harry looks at me in disbelief and I look away as the we step out of the lift. "Mad-" 

Harry is being by a door opening on his right. "Haz! Where you been mate?" A tall boy with dirty blonde hair comes out of what seems to be a dining room. "Who's this?" He smirks and looks at me. 

"Hands off Aiden." harry jokes. 

"I'm Aiden." The tall bloke extends his hand and I realize that I am still holding hands with Harry.

I release Harry's hand and shakes Aiden's. He's a young looking fellow, and he seems oddly familiar. 
I don't have time to put my finger on where I've seen him before, because I am suddenly being pulled in to the flat by Harry. 

He crouches down so he's my hight and whispers in my ear, "I didn't know about your mum, I'm sorry." 

I give him a small smile and relief washes over his face.

Inside of the enormous flat are about a dozen people including, Harry and I. They're all facing a rather large television and giggling to them selves. Harry clears his throat and the lot of them turn around to face us. 

Right off the bat I came name almost very person in the room, but I only want to name four of them. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you One Direction. 

"Everyone, this is Maddy, from the hotline. The paps hounded us outside of the office so we came here." before Harry can continue I whisper in his ear. "Harry, where's the bathroom?" 

He points to a door over by the kitchen and I quickly walk over to it. As soon as I walk into the room, I place my hands on the marble wash basin. I face the mirror and look at myself. I'm not sure why, but I suddenly feel very dizzy. 

What is going on. This is not real. suddenly there is a knock on the door. 

"I'm okay Harry." I stammer.

"Actually my name is Danielle, i'm Liam's girlfriend." The voice on the other side of the door is female. 

I've seen the X-factor before, therefore I know who Danielle is, but it still gives me no explanation on why she wants to talk to me. Nevertheless, not wanting to come off rude, I open the door, and in comes in a beautiful girl. Tall, slim and with great big curly hair.

"Are you okay?" She asks with a true look of concern. 

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