Five Boys meet Five Girls- One Direction Fan Fiction

One Direction are the biggest boyband in the world. From starting off small on the X Factor, to becoming worldwide known and being the biggest ever boyband in the world!

Meet Natalie Houston, Lilliana Turner, Lydia Price, Zoe Martin and Hailey Stuart. They are best friends and they all love One Direction. They are even in their own band 'Wingbeat' and are looking for a point in Stardom.

They finally get the oppurtunity and grasp it quickly, and find out that they are working with the same management as One Direction!! And their biggest surprise yet, is when they are told they are the girl version of One Direction, a dream come true!

Being told to collaborate, will the girls and boys get along? Will relationships spring up? And will the girls' dreams come true?


11. The One Direction Household Tour

Hi guys, I'm probably not going to be able to update tomorrow as I have visitors over. I also have homework still to do so, yeah. I'll update whenever I get the chance. I'm sorry my chapters are so short. Anyways, love ya all!

"So, who wants to share with who?" Liam asked the others who were standing together as they had put him in charge for sorting out the rooms.

"I'M TAKING LILLIANA!" yelled Louis, which caused Lilliana to burst into fits of giggles. Harry pulled a pretend hurt face.

"But I thought you were going to be sharing with me!" whined Harry.

"I'm sorry Hazzabear, but I would like to share my room with someone loud like me," said Louis in a sympathetic voice, "I still love you though!"

"Yeah, yeah," said Harry, and then looked at the other girls and boys, "Well, since you don't want to share with me anymore, I'm taking Hailey."

Louis then fake cried onto Niall's shoulder. "Harry doesn't love me anymore, he didn't say I love you back!" he said, sniffing and sobbing dramatically.

"Loubear of course I still love you!" exclaimed Harry, "Now stop crying and smile for me."

"Oh my gosh, LARRY MOMENT!!!" squealed Lilliana, and Lydia rolled her eyes at her.

"You two lovebirds show Hailey and Lilliana to their rooms with you guys whilst I sort out the others," ordered Liam.

"Yes Daddy!" the two boys chorused and then showed the two girls to their rooms.

"I'll go with Natalie," said Niall, and then led her off to show her the room, which left Zayn, Zoe, Liam and Lydia.

"Who do you want to go with Lydia?" Zayn asked her.

"Um, do you mind if I go with Liam?" she suggested.

"Sure thing I don't mind." With that, he led Zoe to the room they would be sharing and Liam took Lydia to theirs.

Once they were all sorted, The ten of them met back at the entrance of the large house, ready to begin the tour. "So there is a lot of rooms here, five bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, a studio, an office, a dining room, a game room, a cinema room and plenty of bathrooms, including en suite ones," explained Louis as they walked through the house, "Not forgetting the fantastic garden out the back doors with a swimming pool."

"So far you girls know where the bedrooms are and where the living room is, correct?" Liam asked, turning round to look at them and they all nodded.

"Right so the dining room is accessible by the living room, which then leads onto the kitchen. So they are easy to find. The bathrooms are in the bedrooms and the other one is down here the first door to your left when you exit the kitchen with the other door which leads into the hallway." said Zayn, smiling as Louis led them through the dining room and kitchen.

"Oh and those patio doors lead outside," added Liam, pointing to them.

An hour later, the tour of the house was done and the ten of them headed back downstairs. "I'm hungry!" whined Niall and Natalie at the same time, then they gave each other confused looks.

"Aren't you always hungry Niall?" complained Harry.

"Yeah, duhhh! You should make the most of food before it all disappears one day!" he scoffed in reply.

Lydia chuckled. "Natalie's the same," she informed Niall, and he smiled at her and then turned to look at Natalie.

"We can be food buddies!" he exclaimed.


"Let's go get some food then, I'm pretty sure it's gone lunch time. Would you like to go out for food somewhere?" asked Liam, and they both nodded, "Where to then?"

"NANDO'S!!!!" they yelled at the same time again. The others gave the pair of them funny looks.

"What?" questioned Niall.


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