Behind The Cuts *Completed*

Every cut is another story. I'm not an open book like everyone seems to think. Why does everyone seem to think they know me? This story is about a young teen just tying to find a place in this world... But will she make it out alive?


13. We Are Broken Not Just Bent

We Are Broken Not Just Bent

I wake up looking right into Luke's eyes.

"Luke?" I whisper. He kisses me. I push him off.

"I'm so glad you're okay."

"Why are you in here?" I ask sitting up.

"Because I was worried I love you." I shake my head.

"Leave. I broke up with you."

"Still?" I get mad.

"Yes still!" I put my hand on my head. Okay maybe yelling wasn't a good idea...

"Lay down and don't yell." I roll my eyes.

"No leave." The doctor walked in.

"You seem okay. But we're keeping you for another 24 hours. We found a young man to be your supervisor." Luke stood in front of me.

"Who?" The doctor laughs.

"Oh Luke, you're already that kinda ex?" The doctor asks.

"I asked a question."

Then a boy walked in. Wow he's beautiful. He waves at me. I smile and wave back. Wow why do I always fall for my supervisors?

"Hello my name is Harry. You must be Mary." He's British. (A/N No this is not Harry Styles. This story is not a fan fiction and it's not going to be. So I'm going to post some pictures of the newer people next chapter so you can see what they look like okay? This is never going to be a fan fiction I just thought that Harry and Mary would be funny)

"Yeah that's my name." I blush.

"Wow." Harry says.

"What is there something wrong with her?" Luke asks.

"No. Nothing that's why I'm shocked." Harry says.

"Wow flirting with the girl that you're supervising. That's low." Luke says crossing his arms. I look at Luke.

"Luke please leave." I say.


"Sir, Luke as I may say. I will ask you to leave. And if you don't leave I will have to have you forced out and I don't want to do that." Harry says.

"Wow act like you're some big guy. Whatever I don't want to be here anyways." He storms out and I roll my eyes.

"You are very pretty." I smile.


"You okay?"

"Yeah I just woke up ten minutes ago and my ex is already jealous."

"That's your ex."

"Sadly yes."

"Wow you could do way better."

"Oh come on he isn't that bad."

"Yeah he is. He's always a jerk to all his girlfriends."

"Yeah." He kissed my forehead.

"You are way better then he will ever be."


"Do you want to go to my place when you get out?"

"No I can't my foster mom and dad are worried sick."

"Then I could go with you."

"I would like that. Wait how old are you?"

"Fifteen. Sixteen next month."

"My foster dad will like that. I'm older. I'm sixteen in two weeks."

"He's that kinda dad."


"Well I would respect you." I just love that accent of his.

"Luke didn't." I started crying.

"I'm going to give you some privacy." He gives me hug then walks out of the room.

I lay there crying.

I still love Luke. I love him so much! I can't believe that we've done this. I love him. I love him. I love him. No I don't! Stop it! Yeah I do. No! He's a jerk! Yeah I don't love him. I do not love him!

But what if I do...?

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