Behind The Cuts *Completed*

Every cut is another story. I'm not an open book like everyone seems to think. Why does everyone seem to think they know me? This story is about a young teen just tying to find a place in this world... But will she make it out alive?


5. The Family I Never Wanted

The Family I Never Wanted

After a few months in foster care I got a foster home.

This family had a mom and a dad. They had two sons and a daughter... And me.

I walk up to the house and see the family! Ugh! they look way too picture perfect to be real.

I walk to them... The oldest son who was my age looked at me and walked back into the house.

"He's denial about the whole thing." My foster mom said. Wow I understand 'cause I'm the same way.

"My name is Mr. Pleanton and we're the Pleantons." He said 'Pleanton' slow each time like I wouldn't understand if he didn't.

"Daddy? Why doesn't her mommy and daddy want her?" The littlest boy asked. The girl looks up from her IPhone 5 with a grin. The girl was the oldest boy's twin.

"John that's rude." Mrs. Pleanton said squeezing Mr. Pleanton's hand.

"Sorry Mary." I pull out my crummy flip phone and started texting Luke.

They pulled my phone out of my hand and handed me a brand new IPhone 5!

"Can I have my phone back. I'm trying to text my boyfriend." The girl looked up and chuckled.

"What?" I ask.

"I don't understand what guy would want to date an emo freak show like you Mary." Then she walked inside. They give me back my other phone and I put in Luke's number in the new phone. Then my best friend, Harper's, phone number. Those were going to be the only numbers for a while.

I walk into the house and walk into one bedroom I could tell they did for me.

 It had a huge king sized bed, covered with black sheets and the walls are black. The curtains are a dark shade of red... I loved it. I lay down on my bed... I have never had bed (even if foster care before I was adopted. We had thin mattresses on the floor. I open my eyes and see the oldest son in my doorway.

"What?" He came into my room and looked around.

"Nice room?"

"Is that a question?"

"My name is Curtis." I look at him.

"My name is Mary."

"So, what happened to you?"

"Oh just beat, neglected, and my dad kidnapped people. He also staved me half to death." His eyes grew.

"Damn. I'm sorry." I move my hair.

"No it's fine."

"What about your mom." I look up and pull up my hair.

"Erm, my dad shot her. She said she was going to tell the police about him beating me." Then I took off my jacket and he looked at my cuts. He didn't say anything...

"Sorry for asking." Then he left the, I mean my room.

I heard him downstairs talking. He told them everything he had just heard then said something about my cuts.

I started playing music on my new phone. I was listening to Sleeping With Sirens. It was their song 'If You Can't Hang'.

I look at my arm. My cuts are hurting for some reason.

I heard someone knock on my door. I take out my headphones and look over it was the girl.

"My name is Emily." She looked at my cuts and rolled her eyes.

"A cutter not surprised." She said.

"What is your problem?!"

"Just because you had a terrible family doesn't mean you can invade my family and ruin it with your Gothic cutting self." My eyes water.

"I don't understand I didn't do anything to you!" I yell. I was so mad.

"You just had to tell that doctor. You're 14 like me... Only four more years you couldn't have sucked it up and put up with it."

"No I couldn't! How about your dad almost kill you 47 times then you can complain about me being here!" I counted since the day I learned how to count.

"You being here is enough."

"I don't even understand why you have to be a fucking bitch!" I yell. I heard Mr. and Mrs. Pleanton run up the stairs.

"Mary we do not use that kind of language in this home." Mrs. Pleanton said.

"Well your daugh- You know what? What is the use? I need to get out of the house."

"Be home by 10." Mr. Pleanton said. I put up a thumbs up and walked out.

Luke, I need someone to talk to... Can I please come over? I texted Luke. Everything was getting blurry.

Yeah babe. He texted back.

I got to his house and he opened the door.

"Hey Mary you oka-" Then I kissed him.

He backed into the house and closed the door. He sat on the couch while I was still kissing him. My hand slid up his shirt. I took it off. Then he stopped.

"You okay Mary? You never have wanted to do this before." I shake my head.

"No." I sat down beside him.

"What happened love?" Then I hugged hm and started crying.

"They hate me. All of them." He was still shirtless which was tempting me hardcore.

"I'm sorry. I'm sure they'll like you soon." I look up to him.

"That's the thing. Runaway with me Luke. It'll be just you and m-" He shook his head no.

"Baby it'll get better."

"Can we still have sex?" I ask. He laughs like I'm kidding.


"I'm not kidding." He looks at me. He stares into my eyes. We started moving together. Then sparks flew. We kissed. He sat on me. I was about to take off my shirt then I got a call.

"I'll just ignore it." I said kissing his neck.

"No. Just answer it." He sat up. The caller ID said 'Mom'. So Mrs. Pleanton.

"Hello?" I say.

"Mary. It's half past ten where are you." Dang it.

"Um, I'm on my way." I stood up and ran to the door and threw on my jacket.

"You better be here soon."

"Yeah I got it." I hung up then turned to Luke.

"Sorry babe... Mrs. Pleanton called I have to be getting back." He walked up to me and kissed me.

"Okay babe I'll drive you." I smile. Good I was tired I did not want to run.

He pulled into my new driveway.

"Bye baby." I say.

"Bye Mary." Then I kissed him. After about two minutes I got out of the car. I blew him a kiss and walked into the house.

Emily was at the door looking threw the window.

I open the door and Emily was standing there with her arms crossed.

"How did you get that?" I shrugged.

"Don't know." I went to get a drink of water.

"Yeah you must need something to drink after that make out show." Curtis said when he saw me. Then he gave me a high five.

"I have no idea what you are talking about." He laughed.

"I saw you make out with him when you went into his house. I'm sure not even a bomb could stop you two." He said laughing.

"If you are suggesting we had sex we didn't"

"Oh you stopped him."


"What kinda guy would stop his girlfriend from having sex!?" I shrug then walk into my room and went to sleep.

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