Behind The Cuts *Completed*

Every cut is another story. I'm not an open book like everyone seems to think. Why does everyone seem to think they know me? This story is about a young teen just tying to find a place in this world... But will she make it out alive?


2. Pain

I walked right out of school. Yes school was not over.

I pick up a pebble outside a persons house and chuck it at the window making it break into a thousand pieces.

"Hey! What's going on out there!" I hear a man yell in anger. I look through the window... He has a gun.

"It's Mary. I have the money." He walks out holding a bag.

"Here Mary." We trade.

"Thanks." I put up my hood and walk away.

No it's not drugs. It's a gun.

Why do I need a gun. No reason.. I just wanted a gun. I go to my apartment.

Okay I was lying. I need the gun for my dad.

"Mary you home!?" I heard my dad yell.

'Yes dad and I got you something." He grabs the bag and looks into it.

"It's not what I wanted... But it'll do."

"Okay I'll just go into my room." I start to walk up the stairs but he grabs my arm.

"Wait. How did you pay for this?" I don't answer. He grabs my bookbag off of my back.

I have his wallet in it.

"I'm sorry I'll pay back every penny I sw-" He slapped me causing me to fall on the ground.

"With what! You don't have any job! No one wants to hire an emo freak."

I start to stand up, but he kicks me causing me to fall and hit my head.

He walks over to the fridge to get a beer. He tosses me one to.

"Here you may need this to put on your head." I gently put it on my bleeding head.

He walks over and looks at me head.

"Ugh, you'll need stitches for that." He stands up and picks me up. He throws me into a room.

He's a kidnapper. So he throws me into a room with one of his victims... She's a doctor. She runs over with a rusty needle and some string.

"This''ll do the trick." She stitches it shut then walks to the other side of the room. She knocks on the other wall three time. He opens the door and drags me out by my hair.

"Are you better?" I nod. I was lying. My head hurt worse from the rust...

"Yeah dad." I walk up into my room and lay down on my bed. I look at my wrist and start to cry.

The little four words, Last Cut For Life, start to smudge as my tears fall onto them. But the butterfly stays untouched. It does not smudge. It is the only thing that has ever seemed clear to me.

"My little butterfly." I whisper. My tears start falling harder.

"Last cut ever." I whisper. And I meant it. Then I remember the first time I cut.

 I had started a new school. I changed and my boyfriend didn't like that... So he kissed the head cheerleader. Then I had gotten bullied for changing and my boyfriends cheating... I'll never forget that day.

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