Behind The Cuts *Completed*

Every cut is another story. I'm not an open book like everyone seems to think. Why does everyone seem to think they know me? This story is about a young teen just tying to find a place in this world... But will she make it out alive?


7. He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

I don't go to Luke's house today.

I sit beside Curtis and we talk about everything under the moon. He tells me about how his girlfriend won't go all the way with him. I tell him I understand 'cause she's fourteen. Then he said I wanted to go all the way when I was fourteen... I say it's because I'm not a preacher's daughter like his girlfriend is.

"Do you really like Luke?" He asks me. We were eating pizza. I stop and look at him.

"Yeah why?" He gives me a stern look.

"Do you even love him?"

"Yes still asking why."

"Then you need to wait. Some guys like that. Other guys will just want to get into your pants... Which looking at you I'm sure he doesn't just want to sleep with you." I playfully push him.

"I overheard you and mom a couple nights ago."

"Yeah and I haven't gone to Luke's house since." He moves my hair and tucks it behind my ear. Um, why's he doing that. I give him a stern look.

"I'm sorry if telling them he lives alone hurt you."

"I love Luke." He moves in closer.

"Really?" He whispers seductively.

"Yes I do. He's the last guy I'll ever be with! Since it seems that you don't understand we're brother and sister no-" Then he kissed me.

"You know we've adopted a lot of teenage girls... I can never keep my hands off of them." Then he pinned me down and started kissing me. Is he rapping me!? I think so it sure feels like it! I've been rapped to many times before.

"Get off of-" He covered my mouth.

"Just close your eyes. It'll be over before you know it." He started kissing me harder and digging his nails into my arm.

"I was rapped at my other house."

"I know. I've been wanting to do this from the first day you've gotten here." Then he started kissing me. He took off his pants. While he was taking off his pants he moved. I kicked him right in the nuts. He bent over.

"The only reason why I'm not reporting this is I don't want to be taken from Luke." I stood up and fixed my shirt that he had started pulling off.

"Okay... I won't do it again... I'm high and I'm drunk I have no idea what my body does." I roll my eyes and slam the door. I look up and I see Mrs. Pleanton.

"Did he try to-"

"No. I just want to go see my boyfriend." I walk past her and walk out the door.

I get to Luke's house and walk inside. I don't see him. I look in his bedroom and see him on the bed. Laying there on his phone... Not wearing anything.

"Oh god." I run out of the room. I hear his moving around and he walks out in jeans.

"Hey babe you okay. Have you been crying?"

"Yeah I have."


"Promise to not report. Because if you do I could get shipped into a different state."

"Yeah I know." I start crying again.

"Curtis tried to r-" He looks at my arms and sees nail marks.

"Did that bitch try to rape you!?" I nod.

"It's not that big of a deal. It's hap-"

"I know it's happen before with your dad! That makes it a big deal!"

"He was drunk and we was on drugs."

"No I've seen teenage girls go in and out of that home since he was thirteen! He's sick!"

"It's okay Luke."

"No it's not. I'm going to kill him. I'm going to kill him." I see him pull out his phone to text him.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm telling that jerk to meet me here!"

"Calm down."

"No! He made you cry. So now I'm going to make him cry." I grab his phone before he pressed the send button.

"Please don't fight him. I promise if it ever happens again... I will report it." He is still frowning.

"Okay." I give him back the phone." He gives me a kiss.

"Please make sure it wont happen again."

"I will."

"Do you wanna... You know..."





"I'm fifteen... I think it's best for me to wait. But thanks for being there for me." I kissed his cheek then walk out. His mouth hanging open in shock I said no.

I get home hearing yelling.

"What a lovely way to come home." I say under my breath.

I walk into my room and Mr. Pleanton walked into my room.

"Did you have sex with Curtis and/or Luke!?" He yells.

"No." I answer.

"Did Curtis rape you." I shake my head.


"Did he try to rape you." I didn't answer.

He walks out of my room slamming the door.

I eavesdrop on what they're saying.

"You were going to rape her!" Mr. Pleanton yelled.

"No! She wanted it but I didn't give it." Curtis says.

"I would believe you if the past three other girls that lived here requested to leave... Because they didn't feel at home here! You are lucky none of them didn't tell the police! Mainly 'cause two of the three you did rape!"

"Dad, I'm a kid. I'm going to make mistakes."

"Give me your phone, laptop, credit card, Ipod, and your T.V"



"Dad that's not fair!"

"It's not fair to the girls. Mary isn't aloud near you until your mother and I are sure that you won't do this again."

"Why don't you get rid of her. I don't have any use for her anymore."

"Because this is the first girl your brother and your mother have really liked."

"Well, as long as you guys keep her away... The more ways I'm going to think of how to rape her." I stand up and run into his room.

"Luke already wants to kill you. You lay another finger on me... And I'll call him and then the police." I turn to Mr. Pleanton, "Can I have a lock on my door?" He pulls out a lock out of his pocket.

"My tools are on the counter."

I started walking out and I turn around and see Curtis checking out my ass.

"This is my ass hands off." I say then walking out.

I put the lock on my door and all that night he was slipping notes under my door saying things like, I always get what I want and Baby unlock the door and let me into heaven.

I have a bathroom in my bedroom. I walk in there and shut the door. A new cut on my leg.

I texted Luke...

Luke I'm scared... Please come over...

And then I texted Mrs. Pleanton.

I got scared and text Luke asking him to come over is that okay?

She texted me back

:) Okay. He can stay the night as long as you two don't have sex ;)

I laugh. I heard a knock.

"Who is it?"

"Luke." I unlock my door. It was him.

"Baby you okay?" He asks. I kiss him and shut the door behind me.

"You're staying the night 'cause big mean Curtis." He giggled.

"Finally... We can sleep together!"

"Just sleep."

"Yeah, just sleep." Then I giggled. We kissed. I felt his moan vibrate through his mouth to my mouth.

"I love you." He whispers.

"I love you too." Then we went into my bed. We just lay there. I noticed he started to drift off.

I start kissing him. He eyes get big then he rolls on top of me. I don't stop him. We keep kissing and kissing and kissing.

Then we did as some people may say 'Did the naughty'.

After it was over I look at him and he looks at me and smiles.

"That should help you sleep." I whisper.

"No. I can't sleep now."

"Well I can." Then I put on my pajamas. and he just puts on his boxers.

Then I fell asleep as he held me tight in his arms. He was so warm. I loved him more then ever now.

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