Forever and always

18 year old Gracie Jackson is a huge Directioner! Her 3 friends Aubrie Marlee and Jenna love them also. When they go to a concert and go backstage and meeting the guys, is there some sparks that fly?


17. Wedding plans

(Gracie's pov):Today was the day Me, Harry, Niall and Jenna would plan both our weddings!! G:"wake up baby!" I said jumping on top of Harry!!! H:"just ten more minutes, now come and cuddle with me I need to spend time with my baby girl for a little bit. So I went up to Harry and put my head on his bare chest and he wrapped his arms around me and kissed my forehead.

(1 hour later)

(Jenna's pov):today was the day I was planning my wedding with the guy I loved!!! I texted Gracie, J:"hey girl!! Ready to plan our weddings today?! G:"ya can't wait see you in a coupe if hours!! Then a I went to go get ready!! Before I knew it Niall came up infront of me and kissed me for about 10 seconds then he said N:"morning princess, love you!" J:"morning prince, I love you also now go get ready we are planning our wedding today!" And then he left to go get ready! (Gracie's pov): I woke up and relized Harry and I had slept for another hour! G:"baby we really have to get up now!!!! We are doing wedding planning today and we need to get ready!!" H:"wow wedding planning already!! Ok babe lets get up we can stop at Starbucks on the way!" We both got up but before I could go anywhere Harry pulled me into him by my waist and kissed me. H:"ok that's better!" Then we got ready, then we left! After we stopped at starbucks we went to the place where we were planning and saw Niall an Jenna walking in and we all 4 walked in ready to plan our wedding! We got in and took our spot and we started testing cakes, Harry and I got a 4 tier chocolate swirl cake with chocolate frosting and we had pink and white roses on the cake with a really fun design! We planned for our wedding to be in Paris next to a really romantic river, and having our reception on the top if the efile tower then going to a hotel for the dance! Since Darcy would be born on Febuary, 15, 2013 we would get married on July, 15, 2013 the day Darcy turns 5 months! We want to give Darcy a little time to grow and then we will be married. Anyway we got the rest planned out Jenna and I were going Dress shopping in March! (Jenna's pov): I am so happy we are planning our wedding!! For our cake we decided on a 4 tier chocolate cake with white vanilla frosting, four leafe clover sprinkles on the edges (for Niall) and blue roses! We are getting Married in Florida, on St. Pete's beach and we are having our reception at a hotel! Our son Carter James Horan will be born on Febuary, 4th, 2013 so weare having our wedding on July, 4, 2013 and it will be unforgettable!! Gracie and I have a date to pick out our dresses and it will be amazing!!! When we all got out Niall kissed me and Harry kissed Gracie!! Then we all went home! (Keepin mind it's January so Jenna and Gracie are 8 months pregnant!)

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