Forever and always

18 year old Gracie Jackson is a huge Directioner! Her 3 friends Aubrie Marlee and Jenna love them also. When they go to a concert and go backstage and meeting the guys, is there some sparks that fly?


7. The truth

(Zayn's pov):When I heard that Gracie and Harry were together it made me jealous. The first time I met her i instantly thought she was beautiful. And ever since Perrie broke up with me (long story) I have been feeling lonely. So I decide I have to tell her how I feel. So I went to find her and when I found her i said Z:"I know you are with Harry but I am in love with you." G:"Zayn I love you to, but I am dating Harry and I love him" Z:"we'll then we are just going to need to sneak around until you decide who you love and really truly want to be with". And with that said i told her to be ready at 7 and I left. (Gracie's pov): I am so confused who I love right now I guess I will find out tonight on my date with Zayn. I went to go get ready and I wore my black skinny jeans a pink country shirt and my cowgirl boots and then Zayn picked me up and we left. (Nialls pov):Ok so I am with Jenna and now but I'm not sure who I really want to be with I mean Aubrie is beautiful but so is Jenna. So I decided I was going to take Aubrie on a date that night. But then when I saw Jenna I knew I couldn't take another girl out because well I guess I loved Jenna. But i still went to tell Aubrie that I liked her and ended up kissing her and Jenna saw and ran out in tears. N:"Jenna wait I made a huge mistake and I love you ok? I said it I love you." J:I don't understand why you did it but I forgive you and Niall I love you also I always have and I always will!" N:"good because your my princess and your mine and nobody else's ok? I love you Jenna"! J:"I love you to Ni!" (Zayn's pov): wow Gracie really looked beautiful with her brown hair with highlights glowing in the moonlight and her hazel colored eyes sparkling. Z:"you look gorgeous tonight and I'm so glad you excepted this date because I'm madly in love with you." G:"I love you also Zayn but I love Harry more and we all know you and Perrie are men't to be so I'm going to have to leave and go back to Harry now." (Gracie's pov): as Zayn dropped me off I got out and walked into Harry's and said G:"Harry I just went on a date with Zayn!" H:"you did what"! He said he loved me and so I went out with him to straighten things out I told him it will always be me and you forever and I don't love anyone else, I love you Harry and i always will!" H:"good because I love you and I will forever your my entire world and I will never let anything happen to you I will always protect you." And with that he turned to me and kissed me and then we went to bed. 

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