Forever and always

18 year old Gracie Jackson is a huge Directioner! Her 3 friends Aubrie Marlee and Jenna love them also. When they go to a concert and go backstage and meeting the guys, is there some sparks that fly?


42. Lake house part 2

(Zayn's pov): I woke up and little Darcy was laying right next to me. Z:"wake up princess." D:"Uncle Zayn, you woke me up!" Z:"sorry angel, but we are going to make breakfast for everyone ok?" D:"ok, can I make mama and daddy's bweakfast?" Z:"sure angel, I'm sure they would love that!" We got up and we went to the kitchen. I got out the pancake mix, bowl, whisk, milk, eggs and oil and started measuring as I let Darcy pour everything in. I started out stirring and she finished. I took out bacon and toast because I knew Marlee couldn't have meat. D:"uncle Zayn, I do the bacon?" Z:"no angel, you might get burnt." D:"ok." Then Niall and Jenna and Louis and Aubrie and Liam and Marlee came out. D:"AUNTIE AUBRIE, AUNTIE JENNA, AUNTIE MARLEE!!" (Aubrie, Jenna and Marlee):"morning Darcy!" Lou:"don't I get a hug?" D:"sorry uncle Louis, but I have to give other uncles a hug!" She ran and gave everyone a hug. 

(Gracie's pov): Harry and I woke up to the smell of pancakes and bacon. We walked to the kitchen and stopped and looked into Darcy and everyone else cooking. Harry put his arms around my stomach and he rubbed it. He whispered in my ear, H:"see how happy she is, it's all because she has the greatest family ever, and also the greatest mother ever." G:"I think she is happy because of how amazing her father is, she loves you and so do I." H:"I love you more gorgeous, now lets go into to the kitchen." We walked in and Darcy saw us. D:MOMMY, DADDY!!, we made bweakfast!" H:"morning princess, it smells so good, can we eat?" D:"yes!" Harry picked her up and we went to the table. While we were eating the boys told us they had a concert today at 12 and then we would have a fire tonight. Darcy was excited and after breakfast the boys left and we all went swimming.





































(Night time) (Harry's pov): when they boys and I got home it was dark. We changed into sweats and sweatshirts and went outside where the girls were. I saw Gracie and she had my beanie on. Darcy came running up to me. D:"Daddy, Daddy!! Come and make s'mores with me! H:"I would love to Princess!" I went and made s'mores with her and then Gracie came to me. G:"is there any way I can steal my handsome husband away?" H:"anytime baby." G:"your amazing with her babe." H:"I learned it all from you babe." G:"how was the concert?" H:"same as always, how was your day beautiful wife?" G:"actually husband my day was amazing! We took Darcy on a pontoon ride and she loved it, then we went to Zorbaz and she got a little icy drink with an umbrella in it, then we went to the sandbar and I swam with her." H:"sounds amazing!" G:"it was, but she said she wished she had her daddy with her today." H:"ya I wish i could've been with my family today." G:"ya, and she was right, I wish I had my sexy husband with me today, I missed you, I think we will have to sneak up to bed early and maybe kiss a little.... Then cuddle...." H:"I can do that, in fact lets go up now." We told the others and we went to bed.
























































































































































































(Night time) (Harrys pov): we got back home and it was dark. The girls had started the fire and we went out after we changed into sweats and a sweatshirt. I put my hair back in a beanie, bI knew at the end of the night my wife will have it on. I saw Gracie and Darcy laying In the hammock, so I went and laid with them. G:"hey baby, can you carry Darcy In and lay her down, she fell asleep." H:"sure love." I picked up my beautiful baby girl and brought her in and laid her down. Then I went back out and sat in a chair. Gracie came and sat on my lap. She grabbed a blanket and out in around out and laid in between my legs, her stomach was huge! She grabbed my beanie and put it on before leaning up and giving me a kiss. H:"you know you look pretty sexy In my beanie babe." G:"we'll thank Styles, but I think you look even sexier." H:"your amazing you know that, so what did you do today?" G:"we'll the girls and I took Darcy on a pontoon ride, then we stopped at Zorbaz and Darcy got a Shirley temple which she loved, then we went to the sand bar and I swam within

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