Forever and always

18 year old Gracie Jackson is a huge Directioner! Her 3 friends Aubrie Marlee and Jenna love them also. When they go to a concert and go backstage and meeting the guys, is there some sparks that fly?


28. Good news.

(still in the hospital) (Gracies pov): Scott Drew Styles was the name of our little boy. He is the sweetest little thing, but with his heart condition we are not sure how long he will live. I was still sleeping when I heard someone run in saying "mommy, mommy wake up!" It was Darcy. I woke up and she ran to the bed and gave me a huge hug. G:"morning baby girl, where is daddy?" D:"oh he went to check on Scott he will be back. Darcy and I talked for a little while then Harry walked in with Scott. H:"morning baby, the doctor said they got Scott's heart under control so we are able to take him home!" G:"that's amazing, but where is his room?" H:"babe don't worry about it, Darcy and I were up almost all night last night working on his room, so are you ready to go home?" G:"yes I'm ready, I get to go home with you and our son and daughter!" Harry helped me up, and we left. (Skip car ride). We got home and Harry carried Scott in, and Darcy grabbed my hand. We got in and Harry led me to Scott's room. It was amazing, it was baby blue, with a chair, a little crib and giraffes and elephant stickers on the wall! It was about noon so I put Scott down for a nap, and Harry put Darcy down for a nap, and Harry and I went a laid down. I laid down on top of Harry with my feet on either side of him. G:"thank you so much, for everything, you are always there for me and our kids and you always make sure we have what we need, you would give up anything for us, and most importantly thank you for always being there for me no matter what, and for loving me unconditionally, I love you so much, you are my whole world." H:"baby girl, I would give up my whole life for you, you deserve more than me and I will always love you." Then he kissed me, and we fell asleep.   

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