Forever and always

18 year old Gracie Jackson is a huge Directioner! Her 3 friends Aubrie Marlee and Jenna love them also. When they go to a concert and go backstage and meeting the guys, is there some sparks that fly?


38. Concert in town

(Harry's pov):today was our concert In New York. I wanted to bring Gracie up on stage and sing "They don't know about us" to her because that's our special song. I woke up with my arms around around her. H:"baby wake up." I quietly whispered while playing with her hair. G:"mhhh, morning husband, what time is it?" H:"it's 8 I just wanted to wake you and tell you I have rehearsals at 11 and tonight we have our concert here and your coming!" G:"Harry I would love to, but what about the kids?" H:"bring them with you, Paul already said he would take care of them, I just want you to be there love!" G:"babe relax, I will be there don't worry, I love you!" H:"love you to." G:"now I need my kiss!" I chuckled a bit then kissed her. G:"babe what am I going to wear, I don't have any clothes that fit!" H:"relax babe we will go shopping later, but in the mean time I got you something!" I walked over and got a box and inside was a beautiful blue dress, that would fit! 

(Gracie's pov): Harry walked over and grabbed a box and gave it to me. I opened it and inside was the most beautiful dress I have ever seen! G:"Harry it's breathtaking!! Thank you so much!" H:"aw it's no problem babe, I'm just glad you like it! And I just want my baby to be happy, now I have to to get dressed and get to rehearsals I am taking the kids with me!" He got dressed and walked back over to me. He sat on the bed and I sat on his knee. H:"I will see you tonight beautiful!" G:"can't wait Styles now you better get going!" He gave me a kiss and left. I texted the other girls and everyone of them but Aubrie was coming tonight. I went to a nail salon and got my nails done and went home and by that time it was 4 and I had to be at the arena by 6:30. I got showered and dried my hair and curled it. I put my sparkly blue dress on and my black pumps, I had black sparkly eyeshadow and eyeliner and blue mascara then made my way to the Arena. (Skip car ride) when I got there it was packed! I showed the security guards my pass and went back. I went back until I saw the dressing room that said Harry Styles on it. I walked in and he was pacing back and forth. G:"hey baby you nervous?" H:"ya you could say that, and by the way you look amazingly beautiful!" G:"thanks babe, you don't look to bad yourself!" Harry sat down and I went and sat on his lap. I started playing with his curls and looked into his eyes. G:"now, I know my baby more than anything, so do you want to tell me what's wrong?" H:"babe, this is our biggest show of our career! I don't want to mess this up, we are performing at the Madison square garden!" I could hear the worry in his voice. G:"love, just relax, I have always loved how nervous you get over things like this, you will do fine! I love you ok?" H:"thanks angel, you have always been there for me and I love you also!" He kissed me and then went onstage! During the middle of the concert management came and got me and told me Harry wanted to see me on stage. So I walked out there and snuck up behind Harry. Everyone started cheering and screaming and Harry turned around and kissed me. H:"everyone you know my beautiful wife Gracie!" He started singing don't let me go and he just made every moment special. At the end confetti started falling and he ran backstage and back out with a bouquet of my favorite Roses! H:"tonight was the best night of our lives and I couldn't think of another person who could have been here, Gracie Elizabeth Styles I love you so much!" G:"love you to Harry Edward Styles now kiss me!" And then he kissed me and it was magical!

(hey guys sorry I haven't written in a while! I have been BUSY!! Anyway thanks to everyone who has read this! Love you guys!)

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