Forever and always

18 year old Gracie Jackson is a huge Directioner! Her 3 friends Aubrie Marlee and Jenna love them also. When they go to a concert and go backstage and meeting the guys, is there some sparks that fly?


39. A bad accident

(Aubries pov): Today Harry and Gracie asked me to watch Darcy and Scott, i really don't know why but I agred. I went to pick them up, and we were going to the park. On our way there we stopped at a red light. Then a car came out of nowhere and smashed into the side that Scott was on. Darcy and I were fine but I quickly called 911!. A:"come quick we are at the street corner by the cafe at the end of the block!" I was so worried. I dialed Gracies number. No answer, great timing! So I called Harry. And he picked up. A:"Harry meet me at the hospital, something bad has happend, I got In an accident and Darcy is fine but Scott got seriously Injured!" H:"Aubrie, slow down, ok what hospital are you at?" A:"the one about 5 minutes from your house!. H:"we will be there soon!"

(Harry's pov): After the phone call, Gracie had heard and she asked what was wrong. H:"baby, don't freak out when I tell you this." G:"Harry your scaring me." H:"Aubrie just called, we need to go to the hospital right now, they have been in an accident, her and Darcy are ok but they don't know if Scott will make it." By now she was bawling. I went and got a sweatshirt and sweats for her to put on and I did the same. She grabbed my hand and we got in the car. 

(Hospital) (Gracies pov): When we got to the hospital I ran inside. I didn't care about anything other than seeing my babies. Harry caught up to me and we found out what floor they were on and went up. When we got to the right floor Darcy saw Harry and I and ran to us. D:"mommy, daddy!" She ran into Harrys arms. H:"hi baby, how are you?" D:"good, but whats going to happen to brother?" H:"I don't know baby, but right now I need you to give Mommy a big hug, then go and sit with Aunt Aubrie again." When Darcy gave me a hug i cried. Then she went and sat with Aubrie. A doctor came out. Doc:"Mr and Mrs. Styles, I need you to follow me." I grabbed Harrys hand and we walked with the Doctor to Scott's room. We got in and my baby was hooked up to all kinds of machines and he was just laying there. Doc:"I'm sorry that I have to tell you this, we tried everything we could, but he didn't make it." He left and I just sat In Harrys lap and cried into his chest. H:"shh, baby it's ok, now we will forever have an angel." He picked me up and we said goodbye to Scott. By this time Harry and I were both crying. We went out Aubrie saw us and knew what had happened. A:"I'm so sorry, want me to take Darcy home with me?" G:"ya, I think that will be best." D:"mommy why you so sad?" I looked at Harry and he looked at me like I should tell her. G:"we'll honey, brother went to sleep tonight, and he won't come back." Darcy didn't understand I mean after all she was 4. Aubrie picked her up and said goodbye to us. Harry grabbed my hand and I put my head on his shoulder and he kissed my head. H:"lets get you home, you need some rest, I love you." G:"thanks baby, i love you to." Then we wet home and slept the rest of the night.

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