Titanic~ my story

The Titanic~ this is about stow aways, love, and heart breaks <3 please read! I know you will love it


2. Chapter 2

Josiah's POV:

      Hey. My name is Josiah. I am 17 years old. I have brown hair that's swept the the left and blue eyes. My best friend, Trinity has just told something. She told me that she saw stow Aways hop on to the boat.
She explained on how many people were there and what this girl looked like. She said there were 3 men and 1 girl. I said I didn't believe her and now we are in a fight :(

   I wish I could tell her how I feel. Yes, I do like her. Always have and Always will.



Trinity's POV:


    I told Josiah what I saw and he said  he didn't believe me. Now me and him are in a fight. I am now on the deck. Josiah went to go help his dad. I kept thinking "I can prove it to him, I Can find that girl and show her to him and then he will believe me." But I got cut out of my thoughts by a girl. She was that girl I saw! She said "What's wrong? You look so deep in thought." "I saw You, and those 3 other men, climb on to the boat. Your a stow away." I whispered.

A few moments pass, she finally speaks up.
"My dad and his friends forced me to come with them, I'm Chloe by the way." She says holding her hand out.

I smile thinking she's ok. " Trinity" I sayI have to worry about those men though.
I shake her hand and say "My best true didn't believe me when I saw you now we are in a fight...." Right as I saw that Josiah walks over to me and scoffs "who's her? Your new best friend?"   "Why can't you just believe me! This is her!" I say walking away

Josiah's POV:

     "Why can't you just believe me! This is her!" She screams at me and runs away.

I look towards the girl she was talking to. No... Pssshhhhhh I was t spying on her.

"Soooo.... Your that girl?" I ask unconvinced.
"Yea..." This girl says. "My names Chloe." She says.
"Josiah" i say.

After a few seconds she says "Why not you go apologize to Trinity?"

"Yea... I'll go do tha-" I say but get cut off by an ear piercing scream.




A/N: Cliffhanger? Can anyone please help this book get out there more?

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