Empress to Impress (A Vampire Novel)

I was coming home from Ashlyn Derbot's party late that night. I pulled out my iPod and began scrolling through music. A 'Death Cab for Cutie' song blared through my headphones, drowning out all other sound.
I turned the corner of Davis St., the street lamps the only light. A chill crept up my spine and I pulled my old leather jacket tighter around me. The hair on the back of my neck stood on end with the eerie feeling that I was being watched. I tried to shrug it off, but didn't let my guard down. I wasn't doing a very good job when I ran into a man that I didn't see coming. I dropped my iPod.

"Sorry, man. My bad," I apologized, picking up my tech.

"No harm done," he wiped his very expensive looking coat. I glanced up at him, seeing he was about five years older than me.

"What's your name?" he asked.

"Lucinda. You?"

"Wesley Maddox III."

"Ha, you sound like royalty or something," I teased.

"I am," he smirked.

"What?" He slammed me into a tree.

"So pretty." he nibbled.



6. Chapter 6: Stalker

Club La Vela, Panama City Beach Florida January 7, 2013 11:47 p.m.


Collete and I are leaving the club after another classic night on the town. She has a guy on her shoulder while I, on the other hand, am alone. It's my 'punishment' for over-doing it the other day, but honestly, I've never liked bringing men home from the club. It's just trashy.

"So, my little croissant, I'll see you back at the flat at around say... two o' clock?"

"I won't wait up for you," I roll my eyes at her.

"Ah, merci." She winks, obviously pleased with herself. I turn my back on her, heading in the direction of our small apartment.

About half way there, I notice a shadow lurking closely behind me. I don't dare glance behind me; it could be an innocent person... or the Dynasty. Either way, I'm not one to reveal my identity. Although, keeping up with my aliases keeps getting more and more complicated...

I turn onto the next block heading west; away from the flat. If they were just an innocent person on their way home, then they would have no reason to follow me. I pick up the pace, walking a little more briskly. As I am coming up on the next corner, I lean my back against the cold brick. I have to make sure they aren't coming my way. After a minute or two, I sigh in relief. But it is short-lived, as that same shadow is made into a silhouette and is now coming my way.

"Shit," I mutter to myself.

I rush around to the next street, silently awaiting my pursuer. I press up against the bricks once again, watching the shadow grow larger and larger. For the first time in a long time, panic begins to take over me. What if it is the Dynasty? I can't go back there. Who knows what they'd do to me after running away this time... They're just around the corner; right next to me on the other side of the wall.

Deep breaths, Lucinda. Stay calm.

"Argh," I turn quickly, grabbing their collar, and slamming them into the wall. "Who are you and why are you following me?" I growl with mustered courage.

"Rawr, kitty cat. Usually you're not this paranoid when I come visit you," he speaks casually as if I hadn't just broken a few ribs. His voice sounds awfully familiar. Was it...?


"Lucinda," he brings his face into the light, smirking at me.

"Peter James Martin," I drop him to the ground.

"Lucinda Beatrice Everly, or should I say, Little Miss Lucifer?" He wipes some brick rubble from his jacket.

"Don't call me that," I command.

"Why not?" he laughs.

"You know how much I hate it," my voice goes quiet and I rub the chill bumps my arm.

"I do," he hugs me from behind, "but it's worth the rage to see how cute you look when you're angry." He nuzzles his face into my neck, nibbling on my scar. Normally, it would've bothered me, but not with Peter. Aside from Collete, he was my best friend. Well, of the two friends I have.

"Stop it," I push him away, laughing.

"So why are you alone? I never thought that a sexy young vampire could leave a club without a man on her arm. Especially dressed like that," he teases.

"For your information, I've never brought men home from the bar."

"Mhmmm," he smiles. Long story short, that's kind of how we met. I had 'seduced' him into coming home with me. At the time, I had been bitterly disappointed that he wasn't edible, but that changed once he'd taught me some valuable lessons.

"So what are you doing here? I don't see you for months, and then you just so happen to pop up out of nowhere."

"That's the thing," his whole demeanor changes immediately. He rubs the back of his neck nervously like he usually does in awkward situations.


He shrugs deeply. "Let's go somewhere private. If you're going to kill me, let it not be in public."

"What are you talking about?" I ask worriedly.

"C'mon," he begins pulling me down the street towards a hotel.

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