... Love At First Sight?

Liam was torn apart when Daniel broke up with him none of the boys could cheer him up but what happends when Zayn's sister qnd her friends come and visits him and the band will Zayn let his sister fall in love with him there's bumps along the road will they make it?


6. Chapter Two

Sammy's POV 

I whent to Lizzy and Jenny's Assembally with Lulu for no reason we saw Bruno Mars and once he finished he brought out One Direction oh my god I haven't seen Zayn in FOREVER me and Lulu where chearing for them when they came out DANG Zayn looks HOT they started singing 'Up All Night' which made me laugh I know about the whole alarm clock thing after they sang I saw Lizzy started crying

Lizzy's POV 

After they sang I started crying cuz I just wanted to run up to him and hug him when we got excused I tryed to find Zayn but I couldn't then I found Sammy, Lulu, and Jenny "hey girls wanna stay over at my house tonight I'll take you home to get some close and to ask your parents" I said they all nodded and Sammy ended up taking us cuz I didn't bring my car so we whent to Sammy's then Lulu's then Jenny's and finally my house when we came inside we saw Zayn and the boys sitting down watching tv "ZAYN" I yelled and ran to him and hugged him I almost started crying but I didn't "Lizzy oh my god your so big I missed you soo much" he said "I missed you to" I said "I missed you too" Sammy said "so did I" said Lulu "I didn't" Jenny said "oh my little Mexican friend I know you did come over here guys" Zayn spoke they all came and hugged him exept for Jenny "JENNY GET YOUR FAT MEXACAN ASS OVER HERE" Zayn demanded then Jenny came and hugged him too "I'm hungry" Zayn said "I'll make tacos girls come help me" Jenny said yup she knows how to make food she has since she was 15 it's a Mexican tradition we whent and made tacos  

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