... Love At First Sight?

Liam was torn apart when Daniel broke up with him none of the boys could cheer him up but what happends when Zayn's sister qnd her friends come and visits him and the band will Zayn let his sister fall in love with him there's bumps along the road will they make it?


10. Chapter Six

Lizzy's POV 

i handed everyone a stick with a marshmello on it and we started the fire "so who plays guitar other then you girls" I said "I do" Niall said I handed him a guitar "so what song should we start with?" Liam asked "how about 'I'm Yours' by Bruno Mraz?" Jenny suggested so we started singing after that song we wher trying to figure out another song "what about 'I Like It' by Enrique Iglesias?" "Why do you girls like Enrique Iglesias so much" Liam asked "cuz he's HELLA HOTT" I said "hotter then us?" Niall asked all the girls looked at eachother then looked back at them "YUP" we all said "HEY" they all said we just smiled "fine if you guys don't want to sing it with me then I'll sing it myself" I said as I started playing the cords 

"boy please excuse me if I'm commin too strong but tonight is the night we can really let go my boyfriends out of town and I'm all alone your girlfriends on vacation and she doesn't have nowowo owow your not gonna want to know what I wanna do to you nowowo wowo sout it loud yell it loud baby I like it the way you move on the floor baby I like it come on and give me some more oh yes I like it screaming like never before" "ok I say we sing a different song it's a little dirty don't you think?" Zayn asked "that's the fun in his songs ALL of his songs are dirty well all exept some Spanish ones but yeah" I said I like his dirty songs especially the videos  

Sammy's POV 

ok let's see from what I could tell Harry couldn't take his eyes of Jenny so I know for sure he likes her but she is soo sneeky she never showes her fellings for guys she only tells us whn no one is around anyways after the bondfire were in the middle of a pillow fight when the phone rang "hold on guys let me go get that I'll b back" Lizzy said as she walked out and awnsered the phone

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