... Love At First Sight?

Liam was torn apart when Daniel broke up with him none of the boys could cheer him up but what happends when Zayn's sister qnd her friends come and visits him and the band will Zayn let his sister fall in love with him there's bumps along the road will they make it?


14. Chapter Nine

Niall's POV 

so Lizzy and I were sharing some chips playing truth or dare so it was Lizzy's turn so she asked Lou "truth or dare?" "Dare" Lou answerd "ok hold on I'll be back" she said then she went upstairs and came back with a can of silly string and handed it to Lou "alright Lou you have to spray everyone in here with silly string and which ever one of the girls you like or your think is the cutest you have to remove the silly string with your mouth" Lizzy said Lou looked like he was suffering but he did as told and sprayed it over everyone then started removing the silly string from Lulu "aw Lou likes Lulu" Zayn said Lizzy ran to the couch I went and sat with her she turned the telly and scanned the channales untill she finally stoped I saw she was watching a 5 Seconds of Summer interview "you like 5SOS?" I asked "no I love them" she answard "I see" then I ran to the bathroom and texted some one 

Lizzy's POV 

"Hey Lizzy do you mind if some of my friends stay for a while" Niall asked "how many friends?" I asked "4 their names are Calum, Luke, Ashton, and Micheal" he said "are you talking about 5SOS?" I asked exited "yup" he said "ahhhhhhhh! Hell yes they can come!" i yeled then freaked out 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~hey guys sorry bout the short chapter but I'll do better promise 

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