... Love At First Sight?

Liam was torn apart when Daniel broke up with him none of the boys could cheer him up but what happends when Zayn's sister qnd her friends come and visits him and the band will Zayn let his sister fall in love with him there's bumps along the road will they make it?


8. Chapter Four

Lulu's POV

we whent to the stor and got some chocolate marshmallows and crackers to make s'mores and got snacks candies cd's and some postars I have no clue why but we just did some silly string TONS and then got some more food for Lizzy she is so skinny but she eats A LOT no joke then we whent to her house we walked inside seeing that Zayn was asleep on the couch Lou Harry Liam and Niall on the table looking at some book we got closer "why in HELL are you four doing?" Lizzy almost yelled Lou quickly closed and hid the book behind his back "n-n-nothing" Lou said "Lou let me se that" I asked "see what?" He said "I can kick your ass don't act stupid and hand it over" Lizzy said in a scary voice that she has when she's mad Lou gave the book to Lizzy and ran and so did the other boys we ran after them I hopped on Lou's back and he ran to Zayn's old room and fell on the bed "ok we I'm not sure what I need to do so I'm gonna go" I said "NO!" Lou said runing to the door "uhm how about you sit down and tell me about yourself" "uhm sure" I said and sat down he came and sat down by me "well m name is Lulu Luna Lynch I'm I'm 20 and I just started working at The X Facto wich I know you guys where formed uhm I can play the guitar I play soccer and basketball and I LOVE Enrique Iglesias and his music and yeah" 

Lizzy's POV 

i was my diary they where looking in my diary I was running and Niall was in front of me I somehow tripped and fell on top of Niall I looked at him "I love your eyes" I said smiling "thanks I like yours too" he said and just winked at me I blushed "you know I can stay like this all day looking at the most beautiful girl" he said winking yet again making me blush even more "just one question" he said again "yeah?" "Who is Jesus?" "Uhm gods son" I said "no I mean the guy form your diary you wrote down that you liked him" "oh yeah uhm he's a guy from church" I said casually "so is he your boyfriend?" "Yes but he doesn't know yet" I said laughing he started laughing too "well let's get the boys and girls c'mon I said getting up and so did Niall "you know I like you a lot" he said and leaned in and kissed me and I kissed him back he left his hands on my waist and my hands resting in his shoulders we soon let go "me to" I said smiling and winked at him he winked back and I walked back to find the girls and the guys   

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