Smart, Yet True

The One Direction boy band, is going again StarStruck Girls, and Niall' finds a way to use one of the girls, but she doesn't notice what he is slowly finding out, to win the competition.

One Direction- zayn, Louis, Niall, Liam, Harry.
StarStruck Girls- Miley, Emily, Alison, Nikilina


2. The 'Date'

I woke up. Wait, was I suppose to meet someone..Niall? At the cafe? I looked through my clothes, I picked out a Mustache T-shirt, and Pink leopard print skinny jeans. I went into the bathroom in my room, and locked the door. I stripped my clothes off,  and turned the shower on warm. I washed my hair, and I took my body wash and massaged my boobs softly. I dried off, and got dressed. I curled my brown hair and smiled.

    I walked into the cafe and sat next to Niall. "Hey beautifu-" he started to say "Hey Ali" he smiled. "Look, Niall." I smiled. "You are beautiful" I joked, seeing he was looking at his picture in Tiger Beat. He grabbed my hand and put a bandanna over my eyes. He put me in his car, and drove off. "Don't peek" he said. I giggled, and he walked me into his house, followed up to his room. He un-covered my eyes. "Um, its clean?" I was suprised. "yeah yeah" he said. I sat on the bed with him, he started to kiss my neck. "No, Niall. Please I-I'm a v-virgin" I shyly said. He saw me blushing.He undressed me, anyways, and did the same to him. "Its okay" he said. He put his friend in me, pushing hard. I moaned but tried not to. "Stop.." I said quietly. He stopped and put our clothes back on. I started to kiss him, but stopped as he asked me questions. "What song's you gonna sing at L.O?" he asked. "witch-a-wa, witch I think is a stupid song" I giggled and told him some songs I wanted to sing.

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