I Know I've Got What It Takes

This is a story about a YouTuber named Nina who is Simon Cowells niece and is friends with one direction and many famous YouTubers. It's mainly about how she deals with stress, anxiety and finds love.


3. Chapter 3

"Alfie truth or dare?" Joe asks Alfie in a funny voice. "Truth." "Is it true that Darcy is your girlfriend?" I start cracking up. Darcy is Louise's daughter. "It is true." Alfie confirms; Louise nods. "Harry truth or dare?" I was glad that they were including the boys. "Dare." Harry smirks showing his dimples making Caspar fake faint. "I dare you to.." Alfie thought "Lick Nina's-" "Careful what you say Alfie." I chimed in. "Nina's cheek." everyone was of course vlogging this experience. "Oh my god!" Tanya and Zoe screamed when Harry sat down next to me. I was laughing uncontrollably as I felt his warm wet tongue touch my cheek. "EW!" I shrieked. Harry wiped my cheek with his large hand and kissed my cheek. everyone "ohhed" everyone except for Joe, Niall and Caspar. They looked jealous actually. "Your turn Harry." Louis said, not Louis Tomlinson, Louis from funforlouis. "Okay um Zoe truth or dare?" She smiled "Truth." She sounded nervous I think someone likes Harry. Its hard to do truths when you don't know the person. I could tell Harry was struggling "Why don't you do a dare that way its easier for him?" I suggested and she nodded. "Okay dare." "I dare you to give someone in this room a blind make over." everyone started screaming "not me, not me!" "Tanya." Zoe sung "get your butt over here."


after Tanya's make over we had a dance party and had a lot of fun. Most people left except for Zoe, Marcus, Sam, Caspar and Joe. well and the boys too of course. we all ended up passing out around 4 in the morning.


A/N: Wow a love square or rectangle thing haha. I feel like drama is straight ahead. anyways LIKE COMMENT FAVE and FAN I would appreciate it! xxxxx


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