I Know I've Got What It Takes

This is a story about a YouTuber named Nina who is Simon Cowells niece and is friends with one direction and many famous YouTubers. It's mainly about how she deals with stress, anxiety and finds love.


2. Chapter 2

The boys and I fixed the loft type thing up stairs that we would be sleeping in and started talking. "So who's all coming?" Liam asked. "A lot of people I'll introduce you when they get here." He nodded his head and I smiled. "Let's play a game I want to know more about you Nina." Louis said. I sighed "Okay just ask me some questions." I suggested. Everyone scooted a little closer, "How old are you?" Harry asked. "19." I answered "Where are you from?" Zayn asked. "My mother," I joked "I was born and raised in Michigan and moved in with my uncle when I was about 10." I said and they nodded. "Why did you move?" Niall asked me and I frowned "no comment." just then the door bursts open just in time to save me from the horrible question. "GUYS!" I screamed and group hugged them all. "guys this is Louis, Liam, Zayn, Harry and Niall. Niall, Harry, Zayn, Liam and Louis this is Zoe, Louise, Louis, Alfie, Marcus, Joe, Tanya, Jack, Finn, Jim, Caspar and Sam." I said going down the line and took a deep breath. Everyone said hello and started talking and got on really well which I was so thankful for. "Truth or dare!" Joe screamed. "No thanks." I said passing. Joe came up to me and wrapped his arms around me sending a tingly sensation to spread all over my body. "Please love for me?" He asked. God this boy will be the death of me. "C'mon chummy." I said pulling him down next to me on the floor giving in.



A/N: Oh sounds like Nina has a little crush on Joe. just like someone else I know...me. I really love him. anyways remember to LIKE COMMENT and FAVORITE this and tell your friends. I love you all! xxxxxxx

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