I Know I've Got What It Takes

This is a story about a YouTuber named Nina who is Simon Cowells niece and is friends with one direction and many famous YouTubers. It's mainly about how she deals with stress, anxiety and finds love.


1. Chapter 1

I struggled opening the front door with the groceries in my hand but somehow managed. "Thanks for helping me Uncle Simon I know you heard me struggling." I said rolling my eyes playfully at my uncle. "Sorry darling but I have some people you might like to meet." I smiled "Okay?" He seem'd real excited. "Why are you acting weird?" I asked laughing. "Nina meet One direction." Uncle Si said opening the door. "What!? No my hair is all messed up no no no." I protested trying to get out. "No no stop....hi." I said after I turned around seeing the boys. talk about awkward. "Hello." They all said. "Well would you look at the time? so lovely meeting you all really it's been great fun but I really must be going now bye." I said making a dash for the door only to open it and find my body guard Sam. "Sammy hey how ya doing? move now." I said trying to get past him. "Sorry hun." He said and picked me up like it was nothing as I struggled and threw me! Literally threw me onto the couch. "Hey!" I screamed. The door shut leaving me with the five boys all staring at me. "Why don't you want to talk with us?" Liam asked. "We're really nice lads you know." I sighed "I know that I never said that I just get really nervous meeting new people." I explained. "you look really familiar." Niall said. "other than the fact that im Simon's niece?" he nodded "Yeah im on YouTube, I make vlogs and videos and tutorials and yep." I said pulling out my camera from my bag. "I always have it on me." I said and they smiled "That sounds like fun want to make a vlog right now?" Harry asked. "Yeah sure." I turned on my camera and smiled. "Hey guys i'm at my uncles house I brought the groceries back all safe and sound and now im just chilling with..." I spun the camera "ONE DIRECTION!" I screamed and made a shock face. "So I dropped Caspar off at his house and im going there in like an hour and i'll probably tape more there you know what, guys how long will you be staying here?" "9 days!" Zayn screamed. "Well Marcus and Alfie absolutely adore you guys I was thinking we should have a sleep over!" "WOO!" Louis screamed. "I shall ask my uncle" I said getting up and opening the door. "Nina I can't let you out." Sam said. "No I know I just need ot talk with Simo-" he interrupted "No excuses." I stood there giving him the evil eye "Its not an excuse. but whatever UNCLE SIII!" I screamed. he ran to the room worried "Whats wrong Nina?" I smiled sweetly "May I have a sleep over with the boys and my friends?" He looked relieved probably because I made friends with the boys and nothing was wrong. "Who would be staying?" He asked. "Oh you know,  Zoe, Louise, Louis, Alfie, Marcus, Joe, Tanya, Jack, Finn, Jim, Caspar and Sam." He sighed "Fine." I hugged him "Thanks i'll call them right now." I put the camera on my face "Yay party!" I got out my phone and started calling. Everyone was coming. Hurray!

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