Saving Horan(SHORT STORY)

Callie was an ordinary country girl, shopping at a local city's Walmart. Little did she know she would save a certain boy who goes by the name of Niall Horan, changing her life as she knew it.


1. Normal Trip

"Gosh! Where are the bananas?!" I grunted walking down the isles of our local Walmart. You see, my name is Callie. All I am is a normal country girl, shopping for food since my mother's at home sick. I just turned 14 a few months ago, so obviously I can't drive. So, I rode my bike across our small country town, to buy my family food(with my mom's money of course). I was about to ask a worker where they moved the bananas to, since they weren't in their normal spot, when I noticed some commotion across the store. A girl screamed a rather annoying, ear-piercing screech. What could be wrong!? Being the nosey Nancy I am, I ran over there to check it out.

Oh. My. Gosh. Niall Horan is in Walmart! Our Walmart! I NEED a picture!! OMG!!!

Wait. What am I saying?! The poor guy's being mobbed! I need to help him!

Rushing to his aid, I climbed on top of a nearby shelf, and shouted at the pack of animals...Erm I mean girls.

"HEY!" I screamed. No one paid attention.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I screeched at the top of my lungs, I can yell pretty loud. It sounds louder than an air horn , basically..

Thankfully, everyone calmed down and looked at me now.

"Knock it off! ALL of you! Leave the poor guy alone! Can't you see you're freaking him out! How would you like it if you were just trying to simply shop on your small time off, but got mobbed my a gazillion screaming people?!" I shouted. "Yeah, You wouldn't. Now give the poor guy some space! And don't even think about mobbing him again! If you do, I wouldn't call yourself a Directioner! Because that's plain rude!"

Getting the point, they all backed off. Thankfully. Climbing down, Niall was looking at me in shock.

"Wow." He gasped walking over to me. "I mean thank you so much! That was crazy! Not even our body guards can get our crazy mofos off us!"

"Ehh don't mention it! I'm secretly a wizard!" I winked.

"So, Ms.Wizard. Do you have a name?"

"Callie, Callie Jones." I stated. "And don't bother introducing yourself, I don't live under a rock. I know who you are!"

"Callie. That's a nice name!" OMG Niall just said I have a nice name! Jesus get me my inhaler!

"So you coming to the concert tonight, Callie?" He asked. This is embarresing..

" see...I kinda have a lot of brothers..So we can't afford extra stuff like that...If I could I would, trust me. I love ya'lls music!" I exclaimed embarrassed.

"Well than Callie, it's your lucky day! How would you like to come to out concert tonight in Nashville?" Niall asked. OMGEEEE! But wait Nashville...that's 45 minutes away...I can't bike that far.

"I'd love to! But you see, I can't." I sighed. He looked at me confused.

"My mothers sick, and dad's at work. And I obviously can't drive. So I couldn't get there. But thank you for the offer." I forced a smile. Kill me of embarrassment now. He just started laughing. Wow, I thought he was our kind little Nialler....I guess not. I just shook my head and began to walk away. Although, he pulled me back.

"Callie, don't you worry. I can send a ride to your house!" Niall laughed.

"No, No. I don't want to be an inconvenience." I protested(Heh Jimmy Protested).

"You listen missy. You just saved my life! NOW you're coming. I just need your I can send a car to your house. You can bring one or two other people. Come backstage first, so we can show you your seats and stuff. Just tell the people your name, you'll be on the list. Here, enter your # in my phone." Niall shoved his phone at me. Reluctantly I entered my #.

"Alright, Little Miss Callie. I'll text you all the info, be ready for your ride around 3ish. The concert isn't until 6, but I have a surprise for you." Niall said giving me a hug. "I like you Callie, you're the coolest 14 year old I've ever met." He smiled then walked away. Oh my god. I just met Niall Freakin' Horan. And he said I'm the coolest 14 year old He's ever met. Momma I must be dreamin'. Looking around me, just about every girl in the store was starin at me, some even giving death glares. Ignoring them, I bought the items I need quickly, checked out, threw them in my bikes front basket, and rode home as fast as I could. Throwing my bike on the front lawn I dashed inside to find my mom layin on the couch waiting for me.

"What's got you so anxious?" She coughed.

"" I let out in-between breaths.
"Woaah slow down Callie, now what happened?"

"I was in Walmart, and Niall Horan was there being ambushed by psycho fans. Needless to say I saved him and he gave me free access to the concert and is sending a ride to pick me and one of my friends up and bring us home! Can I go mamma? Pllleeeease?!" I begged.

"Very well, I guess. Since this is a one in a life time chance. Now where's my medicine?"

Handing her the medicine I screeched and thanked her, than ran up to my room to call my best friend, Hollie.

"OMG! HOLLIE!" I screeched as she answered.

"You'll never believe what happened!"

"I'll tell you later, just get ready, we're going to a 1d concert!"
"Yes! I'm serious!"

"I know, I know! Now get ready and come to my house in about an hour, I'll explain then!"

"Love you too, bye!"

We have a strong friendship, we're like sisters.

In about an hour I was ready for the concert and I heard a knock at the front door.

"EEEEEEP! Hollie's here!" I screamed running downstairs.

"Come inside, and I'll explain!" I grinned pulling her inside. After I was done explaining she just stood there with her mouth open.

"You're lyin, right?" She said blandly.


"Prove it!"

"The limo will be here soon, and we get to go backstage! I think that will be enough proof!" I laughed. She rolled her eyes and was about to talk when my phone rang. Hmmm...I don't know this #...I guess I'll answer though.


"Hey! Callie! It's Niall!"

"Oh hey Niall!" I exclaimed. Hollie's mouth dropped open.

"Put him on speaker!" She whispered, and I did to prove it to her.

"Yeah, so your ride is on its way. I think you're going to like it!" Niall exclaimed.

"Please don't send anything fancy, all I did was save you from some crazy mofos!" I laughed.

"You deserve it! I just need to know your last name..." He trailed off.

"Gosh you have bad memory!" I laughed. "I told you in the store! It's Callie Jones!"

"Ohh right!" He sounded embarrassed. "So when you get here you'll be dropped off at a side door, a man will be standing there named Paul, tell him your name and he'll bring you in."

"Alright sounds good." I exclaimed.

"So who are you bringing with you?"
"My best friend, Hollie. She's right by me no, say hi Hollie!" I exclaimed.

"Erm....Hi!" She said nervously.

"Hi Hollie! It's Niall here!"

I laughed.

"Really now?" I joked.

"Really." He said seriously. "Okay, well I have to go! See you soon!"

"Bye Niall!" I exclaimed, I was about to hang up when he stopped me.

"WAIT!!" He yelled. "Don't tell anyone my #. And don't put it in your phone as Niall, so people don't know it's me incase they get ahold of your mobile. Put it in as...erm... I don't know..." He paused to think, I guess.

"KEVIN!" A voice shouted from the background. "PUT IT IN AS KEVIN!"
"Lou shut up!" Niall yelled back. "Fine, just put it in as Kevin! I put yours in as Little 1D!"

"Little 1D?" I laughed.

"Yep, you're now Little 1D!" He laughed.

"Niall! Come on! Now." Someone said in the backround. Omg it sounded like...

"Harry! I'm comin i'm comin!" Yep, I was right.

"Well bye Kevin!"  I laughed.

"Bye Little Miss 1D!" He laughed as I hung up. Sighing I looked at Hollie who looked in shock.

"Is this real life?" I laughed.

"I'm not to sure about that either;..." She sighed then chuckled.

I'm Little 1D and I know Niall Horan and I'm going to One Direction's concert, BACK FREAKING STAGE! Someone pinch me...I must be dreaming.

A/N: This is a SHORT story. So there will only be 1 or 2 more chapters!(:xx And maybe an epilogue!

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