We All Have Our Reasons

Seth was a normal enough kid. He liked to play with his best friend and go along with her crazy ideas. Util one day life changes for the worse. Seth winds up in the underground world of human trafficking over night. He has no idea what he was expecting to happen but it wasn't rescue by the hand of three teenagers slightly older than himself. He is rescued by this group of kid who do this regularly? You've got to be joking right? Seth must now find his place among their ranks, at least until he can get his life sorted out. It's kind of difficult with two guys constantly bickering over every little detail and a very, very pretty girl trying to befriend him. Yeah he's gone a long way from normal alright, will he ever go back to it though? That's the real question.

*WARNING: there is going to be sex and other sexual concepts in this story, most of which is not going to be hetero you have been warned*


2. The Rescue


Seth blinked, eyes adjusting to his surroundings. He was laying on a cool, hard surface. He tried to push himself into a sitting position, but found his hands restrained behind his back. He pushed himself up on his elbows and managed to get into a kneeling position. He was sitting in what appeared to be a human cage. He staggered to his feet head spinning and eyes squinting to adjust to the florescent lights in what appeared to be an old warehouse. Questions raced through his mind as he looked around his surroundings. There was a sea of people milling around and then there were cages similar to his with other kids trapped inside. There was a group of kids a few years older than him standing nearby. He watched them curiously. They were easily the youngest people outside the cages and yet they seemed to blend in perfectly. One of the three was a pale blonde haired girl wearing a worn out basketball jersey with cargo shorts. She was about his height but she was much slimmer than himself, not that he was heavy any way. He was in excellent shape for someone his age. She kept turning her head into between the two boys who were clearly arguing with each other heatedly.  She was wearing an annoyed grimace that only grew as she watched them bicker. Eventually she slapped them both upside they heads and they turned their attention to her. But instead of arguing they both bowed their heads, like small children being scolded for fighting. Then she pointed at him, her sky blue eyes meeting his pale brown ones. The trio began heading his way and he tried not to stare any more than he had been.  “Hey, amigo where are you from?” one on the boys asked leaning on the bars. He had a thick Spanish accent and that cocky grin it his face perfectly. A grey beanie adorned his head, completely covering his hair from this angle. He had deep green eyes that just screamed mischief at him. Seth swallowed audibly. “Maine” he answered quietly avoiding the taller teen’s gaze. He shook his head “I mean are you originally from the U.S.?” he asked tugging down the sleeves of his steel grey hoodie, the fabric was worn thin and was two sizes too large for his frame. “Ireland” he answered again still staring at his feet. “I told you” The other boy cheered slapping his friend on the back. Seth looked up at him. His accent was much thicker than his own and his hair was darker. The dark red strands were cut short, barley skimming the tips of his ears. He had dark blue eyes that gleamed with victory and laughter. “Yeah, yeah whatever, Jakey” the first teen replied waving his hand nonchalantly. “Look here ye chupacabra looking” The Irishman, Jake, said shoving the other. “Don’t call me that, unless you want me to stab ya in the jugular.” The girl pushed them aside so she could walk up to the cage. “Don’t mind them too much Justin and Jake they” She paused and opened her mouth as if trying to formulate the right word to describe them. “The point is they may be morons but they’re good people.” She finished looking back at them. “I think I won that argument” Jake said turning away from Justin. “How was that an argument, and how did you win?” He yelled back throwing his arms up in exasperation. “You see my point, but anyways I’m Jessica but Jess is fine.” She extended her hand through the bars and he took it. “Uh Seth” he added timidly. “Don’t worry Seth we’ll get you out of here” She said with a smile and a wink.

The three stepped out of his line of sight after that exchange. It was all so bizarre, where was he that he needed to be rescued?  Who were these kids and why were they in a place like, where ever he was? He heard the girl, Jess’s voice, from a few feet away bickering about, money? Justin walked back over and looked him up and down. “He looks like he has scurvy!” he yelled back in the direction he had come from. Another unfamiliar voice answers back. “He does not!” and Justin just shrugged as if to say worth a try before leaving his line of sight again. More arguing could be heard until finally, “Ok fine fifteen hundred” She sighed returning followed by an unfamiliar man. He unlocked the cage door and dragged Seth out and cutting his restraints. He rubbed his wrists and Jess grabbed his arm firmly and handing a wad of cash to the man. “Just follow my lead trust me on this one we might have to book it” she hissed in his ear and he nodded uncertainly. Something about her just made him trust her blindly, she reminded him of someone he knew from somewhere, a TV show maybe. “Come on Lucky, we got the kid” Justin sighed as they passed the man Jess had paid. “I told ya not to call me that in public” Jake snapped shoving him into the dazed man knocking them both to the ground and walking up scowling next to them. Justin untangled himself from the other man head cast downwards, hands shoved into his pockets. The four of them began moving towards the exit weaving in and out of the crowd. “I told you not to call me that in public?” Justin asked as they walked through the parking lot. “It seemed appropriate at the time, oh also I think I won that argument.” He said sly smile working up his face. “It was a scripted fight nobody won.” Justin groaned face palming at his friend. “Well clearly somebody had to win and that someone was me” he said shrugging climbing into the back of a silver SUV.

“Run down time” Jess said as they drove down the freeway. “Welcome to the small group of people who know about the slave trade. I know it sounds weird but that is where you just were and we just saved your ass from.” She added cutting him off as he began to open his mouth. “We do this a lot kid don’t you worry” Jake added from the backseat “Mister Richie Rich over here has a safe house for you kids to stay in if you want.” He added jerking his thumb at Justin. “Richie rich yeah that’s a new one” Justin muttered under his breath. “Look just because I inherit an estate and a couple Mil doesn't make me rich it makes me” he paused here trying to think of another word that better suited what he would call himself. “Rich” Jake finished with his classic lopsided smirk. “Anyways” Jessica pressed on over the sudden bout of strangulation Jacob was now fighting. “We all have our reasons for getting involved in this mess the rest of the world chooses to ignore. We decided a long time ago we were going to do everything in our power to stop these maniacs from getting their hands on these kids” She finished making a sharp left off the freeway and driving on into the night. “But I don’t get how I got there” Seth sighed as his exhausted mind tried to figure out what exactly was happening to him. “That I don’t know, you wound up with some new guy, which means either he’s just that, new, or he’s a freelancer. Someone who takes kids off an outside party hands and sells them for them. If that’s the case we have a bigger target to hunt now” She looked over at him while stopped at a red light. “Tell me do you remember where you were or who you were with before you woke up again?” He paused for a moment his brain trying to remember, he was mad at his parents so he had gone over to, “I was with my friend Dillon at his house” he said verbally finishing his thought. “What’s Dillon’s last name?”  Jess pressed eyes suddenly going wide. “Westman, why?” She slammed on the breaks. “Change of plans boys we have to change this boy from the hunter to the hunted.” Jacob groaned from the back seat “Ok but, was the whiplash really necessary?” He grumbled. “Yes its one hundred percent necessary. Because everybody knows that the most successful predators in the animal kingdom hunt with broken necks.” Justin replied wincing as he cracked his neck. “Would you two can it with the sarcasm back there?” Jess snapped pulling into a nearby parking lot. “What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger” She added with a sly smile. 

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