We All Have Our Reasons

Seth was a normal enough kid. He liked to play with his best friend and go along with her crazy ideas. Util one day life changes for the worse. Seth winds up in the underground world of human trafficking over night. He has no idea what he was expecting to happen but it wasn't rescue by the hand of three teenagers slightly older than himself. He is rescued by this group of kid who do this regularly? You've got to be joking right? Seth must now find his place among their ranks, at least until he can get his life sorted out. It's kind of difficult with two guys constantly bickering over every little detail and a very, very pretty girl trying to befriend him. Yeah he's gone a long way from normal alright, will he ever go back to it though? That's the real question.

*WARNING: there is going to be sex and other sexual concepts in this story, most of which is not going to be hetero you have been warned*


6. Separate Paths

Justin woke up in the back seat of the car, head resting in the lap of a very irate looking Jake. “Wha’s up” He slurred, pushing himself into an upright position against his window. “Oh nothing much, just watching the mythical chupacabra drool on my leg” He sighed wiping the wet spot on his jeans with his sleeve. “Sorry about that” He mumbled running a hand through his hair. “You’re damn right you’re sorry” Jake muttered, scowling down at his jeans. “Anyways now that everyone is awake” Jess started from the front seat. They were parked on a side street off a main road. She turned around in her seat to continue only to be cut off by Jake “I love these jeans and now they got slobber all over them this will take weeks to get out”. There was a pause “Anyways what do you think our next move should be?” She asked staring over at Justin. “Well I think we need to find some sort of lead, if we can find Dillon we have a solid chance of finding who he’s selling to.” He said rubbing the sleep from his eyes. “But that’s the issue we have no idea where he could have gone.” Jess sighed exasperatedly, clearly they had gone over this while he had been asleep. “Well then I’ve got nothing.” Justin shrugged apologetically slouching in his seat. “We need time to regroup and maybe see if I can remember anything” Seth chimed in from the shotgun. “So what we just sit here for a few days and twiddle our thumbs?” Jake scoffed rolling his eyes. “Well you can but if we’re taking a breather would it be ok if I checked in at home for a little while?” Justin asked. He hadn’t been home in quite some time.

                After some discussion it was decide that in the morning they would split up and head out to take care of their own business. Seth and Jess would do some digging and call the boys if they found anything useful. Justin and Jake would head to upstate New York to visit the safe house Justin had started. Jake was very interested in seeing the place for himself. Justin often talked about the house his uncle had left him but he had never had a chance to go. So Jess navigated them to the nearest hotel, they planned on taking the day just to breath and get ready for tomorrow. As usual Justin went up to the desk with Jake, checked in and waved the others upstairs. They then entered the adjoining bedrooms and closed their doors.

                Justin was sitting on his bed flicking through the channels with little success in finding something worth watching. Jake emerged from the bathroom having just took a shower, he sat next to Justin, which was a little odd for him. “Justin” He finally spoke after staring at the floor for a little while. “Hmm?” was the response he was met with. “I need to talk to you about something.” Justin turned off the TV, typically Jake was never this cut and dry about what he wanted to say, never this serious about it. “What’s up?” Justin asked turning to face his friend. “When you were asleep you said something, I don’t know why but I just need to ask” He took a deep breath. Justin bit his lip, Jake was usually never the one to get emotional or concerned about someone else.  “What did you dream about?” Jake finally managed.  Justin tensed, his past was not something he was ready to talk about, Jake knew he had been a slave and a fighter but he had no clue about anything else. That’s the way it was staying for now. “Not something you need to worry about right now, ok” He winced at how harsh the words sounded. He didn’t like being an ass about this but if he was Jake would leave it alone. Or so he thought. “Justin you said a name” He pressed blue eyes narrowing into an intense glare. Justin froze once again, eyes wide. “Can’t you at least tell me that much Justin?  Tell me who Devon is”

                Justin swallowed, that name, he still was afraid of even hearing it. “Jake” he began. “Don’t you fucking dare try and make me drop this one Justin. You were scared, terrified in fact. The others didn’t hear you begging but I did. Justin. Who the hell is the man who scares someone like you?” He was beyond mad. Justin was supposed to be this badass slave gone rouge and was now hell bent on taking everything down. He wasn’t supposed to let out terrified pleas in his sleep. He could still hear the echoes in his head, begging for forgiveness pleading for him to leave him alone. But what aggravated him more than that was that Justin would shut him out after he heard that. He was his best friend damnit wasn’t he supposed to tell him about this kind of thing?

                Justin swallowed, he really, really did not want to talk about him. He looked over at his best friend and sighed. “Jacob, one day I swear to tell you who he is and everything that happened in my past. But I can’t do it right now, I’m not ready to even admit to myself everything that happened to me. I’m asking you as a friend to please, please drop it for now” Justin’s green eyes were pleading with him and he sighed. “for now I can drop it” He finally conceded unclenching his fists. Justin’s eyes closed and he seemed to breathe a little easier. “Thank you “He sighed resting his head in his hands. The night passed without mention of Justin’s dream and it was just like any other night in a hotel for them except, there was no pointless bickering coming out of their room that night.

                In the morning as promised Jess and Justin left early to pick up a rental car from town. Jake slept up until Justin got back and came to wake him. “Come on idiot, we’ve gotta get going soon, go shower and get something to eat. I’m not going to have you whining that you’re hungry twenty minutes into the trip. Jake grudgingly obliged rolling out of bed and plodding into the bathroom half awake. He showered and dressed as slow as he could, simply to get under Justin’s skin. When he finally left the bathroom Justin had already ventured downstairs to get breakfast.

                Justin was halfway done with his breakfast by the time Jake wandered downstairs. Justin snorted into his bowl of Lucky Charms. Jake sat down next to him and cocked an eyebrow at his friend giggling into his cereal bowl. “Jake” another snort “Where did you get that shirt?” he snickered. Jake looked down at the green and white jersey. “What the hell?” he muttered. “I didn’t know you supported Mexico as well, green and white looks good on you ese” Justin was in a full on fit of laughter at this point. “Where did it come from is my concern” Jake looked absolutely dumbfounded by the mysterious appearance of the shirt. “You got clothes from the wrong bag, idiot” Justin gasped grinning ear to ear. Jake left to go get himself something to eat at this point, he was not awake enough to put up with the constant taunting of mythical creatures.

                Jess and Seth joined Justin at his table soon after Jake got up. “What were you two up to last night I didn’t hear the usual chitchat” Justin asked with a wink. “Justin, for the sake of your future children shut up” Jess sighed kicking him in the shin. Justin snorted, “Ok one, I’m gay sweetheart not gonna get kids that way. Two I’ve met ten year old girls who kick harder than you” He smirked at the last statement.  Jess kicked him again. Justin just shrugged. “Jess I was a fighter ok? Pain and I we go way back, it takes a lot more than that to phase me” He sighed looking entirely too bored for her liking. She kicked him again, not holding anything back. Justin felt a small trickle of blood flow down his leg, it hurt but not enough for a reaction. “Oh you freaking kidding me, you’re bleeding and you don’t even care?” She sighed in defeat. He just shrugged “So I’m taking it as a yes you two were making out last night” was the only response she got from her friend.

                After everyone finished eating they headed out to the parking lot. “Now Seth I want you to take good care of Jess for me while we’re gone” Jake said with a wink, leaning against the rental. Jess kicked him in the shin. “What the hell Jessica!” Jake hissed grabbing his shin and glaring up at her. “That’s all I wanted!” She snapped at Justin who was laughing again. Jake elbowed him in the gut and he doubled over. “That’s for laughing at my pain” He smirked while Justin coughed. The wounded boys climbed into their car and pulled out shortly followed by Seth and Jess. Jake turned to Justin, “They were totally making out last night.” Justin nodded and grinned at his friend in the passenger seat. “Oh totally”. And with that they split up for the first time since the trio had initially formed. 

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