We All Have Our Reasons

Seth was a normal enough kid. He liked to play with his best friend and go along with her crazy ideas. Util one day life changes for the worse. Seth winds up in the underground world of human trafficking over night. He has no idea what he was expecting to happen but it wasn't rescue by the hand of three teenagers slightly older than himself. He is rescued by this group of kid who do this regularly? You've got to be joking right? Seth must now find his place among their ranks, at least until he can get his life sorted out. It's kind of difficult with two guys constantly bickering over every little detail and a very, very pretty girl trying to befriend him. Yeah he's gone a long way from normal alright, will he ever go back to it though? That's the real question.

*WARNING: there is going to be sex and other sexual concepts in this story, most of which is not going to be hetero you have been warned*


3. On The Road

They had been driving for hours before the two backseat drives had convinced Jess to pull over at a hotel for at least a few hours of shut eye. “Fine you big babies, even though we could make it to long island by nightfall, if you just let me drive, we can stop for the night.” She pulled into a rather luxurious looking hotel. “Justin you’re paying” she grumbled slamming her door and retrieving a black and green zebra print duffle bag from the trunk. “I figured as much” he sighed slinging his black backpack over his right shoulder. “Three rooms or what are we talking?” He asked tossing Jake his own almost identical pack from the truck before slamming it closed. “Two” Jess stated flatly as they proceeded into the front desk. “I’m sorry Seth but we’ve been after this guy for years, he keeps changing up his appearance so I’m hoping you can help us catch him.” She paused at the confused look on the younger teen’s face. “He’s a trapper he gets younger kids to trust him and when the time is right takes them off to be sold, like he did to you, he probably looks like a loser but in reality the guy is loaded.” There was an outraged gasp from Jake as he and Justin stood at the front desk trying to reserve rooms. “How dare you accuse us of that” Jake snapped as Justin received the keys looking very embarrassed. “We most certainly are not gay, now come along dear it’s time for bed” He added storming down the hallway accent becoming almost incomprehensible as he muttered curses under his breath as they walked upstairs.

 Jess snickering as they proceeded into the elevator, “Can you believe these people, for the cash they charged us and then having the guts to call us gay Justin” he sighed running a hand through his short fiery hair. “Well to be fair we are gay my friend so, it’s not an unreasonable assumption, just uncalled for.” Justin sighed turning his head, which was resting on the back wall of the elevator, to face his best friend. “Exactly just because we are doesn’t mean we look the part” he grumbled, “I think I look very hetero.” That caused Justin to start laughing hysterically, to the point of tears. “Once again Seth, meet my boys, Justin and Jacob” Jessica snickered leaning against one of the walls watching Jake look even more insulted at his friend’s reaction. “I’m, sorry, sorry, Jake, I” he cut off into laughter once more. “I’m sorry just your face and the way you said that it was priceless.” Jake slapped him upside the head as the elevator dinged, signifying they had reached their floor. They group filled out Jake glowering and Justin still giggling apologetically patting his shoulder. Jess waved goodnight to the boys as they headed into the room across the hall, waving for Seth to follow her. When he walked into their room he understood why they called Justin a rich kid, this was a four star hotel room at the very least and he had a feeling it had seemed cheap to the eldest teen. It was three rooms, a kitchen, bed room with a huge bath, and a sitting room with plush looking furniture. “Don’t worry about clothes we can go shopping in the morning.” She smiled reassuringly and he just nodded. What had he gotten himself into?

The next morning Seth was roused from the warm depths of sleep to the sound of bickering from the adjoining room. “What were ya doing in my bed again Justin?” Jake snapped at the drowsy teen. “What are you talking about? This is my bed” Justin said through a loud yawn. “No I always sleep in the bed on the right side of the room and this is” he paused for a minute “oh wait never mind sorry about that Justin” He chuckled. Jess groaned loudly from the bed next to him and stretched with her entire body, slowly blinking the sleep from her eyes. Seth yawned and cracked his back brushing his, in comparison to Jake’s, pale orange hair out of his eyes.

Jess pounded on the door that connected the room, “Go get us breakfast” she called when the boys stopped bickering to listen. “From where?” Justin called back, his voice muffled like his face was pressed against the wall. “I don’t care just get me something” She called back steeping away from the door. “Come on Jake let me go already” was heard grumbled before the sound of the door slamming twice and fading footsteps were heard. “Alright I want an explanation” Seth demanded glaring at the back of Jessica’s head. “I gave you one” she said, shockingly quiet and timid for her usual in control self. “I want a real one, why me of all the kids in that Godforsaken place and why do you even get involved why not just call the cops?” He had so many questions it felt like his head was going to burst. “Why you? I guess because you looked the most scared, it was almost heartbreaking, I can’t let someone that scared be bought by some creep’s sick needs” He didn't notice her fists clenching. “We each have our reasons why we take this kids away and get the freaks arrested our way, if we call the cops when they get there” She took a shaky breath “When they get there the place is empty which means someone in the tip line is dirty and I’m sick of losing these creeps because of it” She was shouting now, her knuckles turning white as her fists clenched. “And if you want to know my reason, I’ll tell you, my Dad was a rapist. All my life I was taught not to go into the basement because there were dangerous tools and things down there. One day my father was out and I went down there just to take a look, you know what I saw? Kids, my age locked in cages at least a dozen, none of them had any clothes on and they all looked so cold” he voice started to waver now “And scared and sad I can’t, not see them watching me begging for help and I couldn't. The police came when the neighbors heard me screaming. My dad didn't even try to disown what he did and what he was, everyone knew it, I couldn't stay there but I had no other family, I've been on the run ever since” She finished with silent tears paving their way down her flushed face. Seth lept to his feet and had an arm over her shoulders in an instant “I’m sorry I’m so sorry I didn't know Jess, I’m sorry”

She wiped her eyes and shrugged him off.  “If that sounds bad you should hear the boys” she was smiling weakly now, “They never cry about it though, I don’t know if it makes it sadder that way or not” She sighed going into the bathroom to wash her face. They sat quietly until the others returned with pancakes from the buffet downstairs. Jake had on a long sleeve shirt which seemed weird for midsummer, he bent over to grab something off the table as he ate and that’s when Seth saw the scars.

They covered every inch of skin his eyes could glimpse in the instant; Justin noticed his gaze and was able to read the horror in his wide green orbs. “That’s nothing Seth” Justin said casually, in between massive bites of pancake. He turned to Jake, “Show him” the redheaded teen obliged with a shrug. He tugged the black fabric over his head in one smooth motion. It wasn't just his back that was scared it was his entire torso. From his waistline up was littered jagged ugly scars thousands of them all covering his back some overlapping overs forming scars within scars. They spiraled down his arms as well making his skin look almost sewn together from a multitude of other people. “It goes on as well but I don’t feel like dropping me pants in front of Jess here, so you’ll understand if I don’t continue.” He stated flatly pulling the plain black shirt and hiding the scars with a face plainly said there will be no discussion of this. “What about you Nirvanes don’t feel like showing off your own battle wounds?” he asked prodding Justin with his elbow. “Hey my scars may pale in comparison to yours but I’m not the only one who was going though that so mentally I’m more screwed up than you’ll ever be.” Justin crossed his arms in triumph a smug look playing across his thin face. “Or you know you’re just being a bitch as usual” Jake commented under his breath.  “What was that, you damn leprechaun!” Justin’s head snapped up eyes locking on to Jake’s. “Oh look I think the goat sucker is trying to communicate” Jake stated that devilish smirk of his playing up his face. “Vete al diablo” Justin growled throwing his spork at Jake. “I don’t speak chupacabra but I do believe that he’s telling me I need to eat his breakfast for him” He laughed reaching for the mostly finished stack of food in front of him. “Not on your love of Guinness” Justin snapped kneeing the younger teen in the jaw.  “Would you two grow up for like five seconds?” Jess sighed emerging from the bathroom. “I’m not the one being an immature pancake stealer” Justin snapped, shooting a glare at Jake. “I don’t care we have to get to Maine by tomorrow for sure, which leaves one question” She turned to Seth who had been watching this whole display in a fit of silent laughter. “Where are you from?” She asked Sitting on the arm of Justin’s chair. “Twin’s” he hiccuped “crossing”. He finished a bit of pink spreading across his cheeks. Jess nodded and began on her breakfast as well. The rest of the meal progressed without another fight from the Jake and Justin. “Right” Jess said throwing out the last of their trash, “I’ll take Seth Shopping and you two” Justin waved his hand “We know, we know stay away from the bar” he sighed and rolled his eyes at Jake.

They Split up Jess and Seth taking the car over to the nearest clothing store and the boys decided to take it easy for once. Seth was definitely worried about going shopping with a total stranger but he didn’t have much of a choice, he had no money, no phone and nowhere else to go. Besides they were practically going to drive him back home, he figured that if he wanted to he could just stay there. “Ok so I have a question” He finally managed once they got to the store. “Shoot” Jess smiled as they walked through the front doors. “About Jake’s scares, what happened to him?” He asked biting his lip he typically wasn't a nosey person but those scars were, insane. “I don’t know” She stated flatly, “He never told me” she sounded a little upset about that part. “But you said their stories are sadder earlier he pressed” As they entered the men’s department. “Yeah so I’d assume with their scars and the minor details I do know” She sighed and gestured to the racks of clothing. “Anything you want I’m giving you a hundred buck to blow here” She forced a smile, for his sake. The more Seth wondered about them the more it would trouble him, Jessica knew that first hand.

Seth had never considered himself hard to shop for. He was done within twenty minutes holding a couple pairs of jeans, a couple t shirts and other essentials. “Alright let’s head to checkout then” Jess smiled again, a real one this time. She had preoccupied herself with finding a better pair of sunglasses and she was feeling much better. They buzzed through the checkout line and were back to the hotel by noon. Justin and Jake were asleep on their respective beds when they returned to their rooms. “Quit dreaming about each other and let’s go” Jess snapped at them, flicking them both on the ear for good measure. “Do you have to wake us up like that” Justin growled massaging his right ear and glaring at the smaller girl. “Yes” She said sounding quite proud of herself. “And I wasn't dreaming about goats in my village mysteriously disappearing so that means I couldn't have been dreaming about Justin” Jake said blinking innocently at his friend. “Oh yeah? Well I wasn't dreaming about a bunch of obnoxious kids chasing a leprechaun over a bowl of cereal so I wasn't dreaming about Jake either” Justin smirked. They all proceeded down to the parking lot and Justin went to check them out with Jake. Seth and Jess sat in absolute silence just relaxing in the car until. “The chase never stops” was heard from a few feet away and the sound of hysterical laughter soon following it. “Just you wait Justin” Jake grumbled hopping into the back seat behind Jess. “Not my fault you’re a faster runner than me, I couldn't resist” Justin laughed climbing into the back seat looking quite proud of himself. Jake grumbled something under his breath. “Alright children next stop Maine.” Jess called happily from the front seat. “We’re both older than you” Justin pointed out, black hair pressed flat against the window behind Seth. “Shut up Justin” Jess laughed as they pulled out of the hotel parking lot.

They drove for the majority of the day stopping only when necessary. After one pit stop Jake and Justin emerged from the men’s room bickering, again. “Are you out of your bleedin’ mind?” Jake asked as they approached the car. “I’m telling you Mexican Coke is like a thousand times better than the American kind” Justin insisted. “How can that even be possible? It’s the best soda on the planet.” Jake snapped at the older teen. “Not true first of all and second of all it uses real sugar man it makes it much smoother” Justin pointed out. “It’s not American” Jake stated flatly crossing his arms. This caused Justin to enter a giggling fit “Really Jacob Mexican Coke is not American I never would have guessed that” Justin snorted. They climbed into the car with Jake scowling and Justin now laughing hysterically.

The rest of the trip passed much less eventfully. The guys had fallen asleep in the backseat around seven and Seth was also get drowsy as well. “You can get some shut eye if you need it I don’t mind” Jess comment after Seth’s head had jerked awake after almost falling asleep for the third time. “Are you sure I don’t want to stick you with being the only one awake.” He yawned, he had always gotten sleepy easily on car rides and he typically didn't fight it. But for some reason he didn’t want to pass out on Jess. “Yeah I’m sure, go on you’re no good to us if you’re dead on your feet when we get into town. Seth shrugged and rested his head against the cool car window. His life sure had flipped and turned upside down in these last couple of days. He wondered if his parents even missed him, or knew he was missing. He didn't miss them per say it was more of an idle curiosity to see how they were functioning without their son. He felt sleep overcoming his tired brain and the last thing he saw flash past the car window before he succumbed to sleep was a sign on the side of the road, Welcome to Maine. 

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