Love Like This *On Hold*

By the title you probably thought "Oh, a love story." But this isn't a love story between two people. This is a love story between a girl and her horse.


7. Chapter 7


I can feel the colour drain from my face as she says those words. The only noise is my heart pounding. "You're selling Spark?" It comes out as a whisper.

 "Oh, my gosh, no! Honey, there's no way I'd sell her without discussing it with you."

 Relief washes through me. "So, why is there a trailer?"

 She smiles and a woman jumps out of the jeep. "Mrs Hart?" she asks, smiling lightly.

 "Please, call me Angela."

 "Okay, Angela, I'm Stacy. He's in there." She opens the back ramp, being careful not t drop it to suddenly. After a few moments, she emerges holding a lead rope that's tied t a head collar worn by a black horse. "He's still a bit muddy, but a bit of water should fix that. Poor boy, they really hurt you, huh?"

 "Why is there a horse in Spark's field?"

 "Oh, honey, I think Stacy can explain that one." I raise my eyebrows at the young woman and she takes a deep breath before beginning.

 "Yesterday, we got a call about an abandoned horse at the dump. So we went to investigate. Sure enough, this gelding was there, just standing in the middle of the rubbish, his head low. He had cuts, mainly on his rump and shoulders. He's around four and, as far as we can tell, pure black. He's fifteen three hands tall.

 "Usually, we don't re-home the horses for a few months, but we're running out of room and time and we heard about what you did with that mare, Spark. We're sure that you can look after him. He's not been named yet, though.

 "It's obvious that he was beaten a lot. He's just so spiritless. It's just... Horrible to see that people can treat these amazing animals like this." Her voice is filled with anger and pure hatred.

 "Whoa. This is a lot to take in. So, basically, I have to try and nurse an abandoned, mistreated horse back to health?"

 "Angela said you would do it..."

 "Well, of course I'll do it. Every horse deserves another chance..." I walk out of the stable, shutting the door and securing the lock. I walk up to the black gelding, taking in his condition. I reach out and touch his neck. He doesn't move, not even a flicker of his ears. Tears fill my eyes. I take the lead rope and walk him to the other stable, leaving the adults to discuss their business.

 "Hey, boy. Do you want some hay?" I tie him up and go to the feed room. Spark whinnies and I stop to stroke her. She snorts and pushes against my chest. "Alright, you can go in the field. But you have to be a good girl." I clip a line to her head collar and lead her out to the field. I section it off and go back to the gelding.

 After dampening the hay, I try to feed it to him. He just keeps his head low and doesn't respond. I get a carrot and offer it to him. Again, the same reaction; none. I'll need something that smells strong. A mint. I get one from the feed room and hold it below his nose. He lips it ff my palm, but lets it drop to the floor. I try again and again until he finally eats it, his jaws crunching the sweet.

 It takes hours, but I finally get him to eat a quarter bucket of hard feed. I'll need to keep an eye on him to make sure he doesn't get colic.

 Spark's pacing the fence, whinnying every few minutes. "Hey, girl. What's up, huh?" I ask, stroking her neck. She stops pacing and shoves her large head into my chest. "You want to go for a ride?"

 It's only half two when she's fully tacked up and ready to go. I pat her neck and lead her to the arena before mounting up. Mam and Stacy are watching. I don't know why Stacy stayed this long.

 "Trot on." I post as Spark moves forward. She goes straight onto the bit and I focus on keeping my hands and seat steady.

 After half an hour of trotting and cantering, Stacy asks if I'm going to jump. "Yeah, I suppose. I haven't jumped her in about a week."

 "I'll set it up. How high? Sixty?"

 "Okay. Thank you." I push Spark straight into a canter and circle her while Stacy set up the jump. It's a simple upright and Spark clears it easily.

 "How high can she go?" Mam asks.

 "Well, I haven't tried over a metre ten, but she jumps that easily."

 "Do you want me to put it higher?"

 "Yeah. A metre, please?" She nods and lifts the rails. Again, Spark clears it easily.

 The jump gets higher each time. After ten jumps, I slow her to a walk. "That's all I'll do today. She's getting a bit tired. How high was the last jump?"

 "A metre forty," Stacy says, disassembling the jump. I laugh.

 "Sure it was."

 "I'm being serious. She just jumped a metre forty." My mouth falls open as I pat Spark and dismount.

 After grooming Spark, I go to check on the gelding. He's just standing there in the same position. He coughs, his whole body heaving.

 A/N: Hey, sorry I haven't updated. I've just been so sad about Rose. I really loved her. I still do. Just because she's gone doesn't mean I have to stop loving her. :(

 Anyway, any name suggestions for the gelding?? I love when you comment. :)

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