Love Like This *On Hold*

By the title you probably thought "Oh, a love story." But this isn't a love story between two people. This is a love story between a girl and her horse.


5. Chapter 5


"I'll have to discuss the matter with my parents. We never thought I would actually be accepted. Thank you very much, though. Would you like a cup of tea?"

 "I'm sorry, but I have to go. Here's my card. Call me when you have news."

 "Okay, thanks, goodbye." On the outside I'm calm, but on the inside I'm jumping around, screaming.

 I run out to Spark and throw my arms around her neck. I bury my face into her warm mane. My joy evaporates when I think of school. I have to go tomorrow. I think of the video, of the pictures. I'm not going to go. I'll just doss.

 I sit on her back again, my legs on her left side. I put my head back and think. The breeze hits me and I smile. I have a sudden urge to do cross country. I bite my lip. No. Spark's already down too much today.

 I slide one leg over her side and squeeze. She raises her head and walks. I give her a small kick and she launches into a canter. I squeeze with my knees and push her into a gallop. I struggles to keep myself off her back.

 "Whoa, girl. Slow down. That's it. Whoa." She slows to a canter, a trot and finally a walk. I pat her neck and smile. It's just what I needed. I let her graze again and lie on her back, my feet at her tail and my eyes towards the sky.

 This time it's my mother who comes home. "Do you have homework?" she calls.

 "No," I lie. I just want to spend all of my time with Spark. I turn onto my belly and put my face on her withers. She stops grazing and just closes her eyes as I draw circles into her skin.

 Her breathing deepens and I realise she just fell asleep. I smile and kiss her withers, sliding off her back. I kiss her neck and walk in.

 "Mammy, people came today. "


 "Some guy called Mr Daniels."


 "I got accepted to enter the competition to the boarding school."

 "What!? Oh, my god, that's amazing!" She wraps me in a hug and lifts me up, spinning me around.

 I grin and go upstairs again to tell people. Wait. What people? I have no friends.

 I post about it on Facebook, anyway. Only one minute later there's people commenting saying good riddance and they can't wait to get rid of me. I log onto Twitter and close it immediately. The amount of hate.

 I log onto a writing website that I'm on. Movellas it's called. They don't know. I talk to a few people. They don't hate me. They don't know me, though. They're all so nice. Why can't they be here?

 I need to be with Spark. I rush downstairs and into her field. She wakes when she hears the door.

 Rachel made a profile. Her profile picture is of them putting my head in the sink. Spark trots to the fence and immediately senses my bad mood. She gently tubs her face against mine. I stroke her cheek. She snuffles my face and blows out. I smile and open the gate. She's immediately back snuffling me.

 "My beauty," I smile. I close my eyes and hug her.

 Mam comes out. "Come in for dinner, Andrea." I reluctantly climb the fence and go to the house. Mam puts the plate of food on the table and I sit down. "What's wrong?" I curse inwardly; she must have seen my tears.


 "You've been different for the past few weeks, you've been spending all of your time with your horse. I know something's up. Tell me what it is."

 "I don't want to tell you. It's not important. Maybe I spend all of my time with Spark because she never questions me! she's just always there."

She just sighs and forks some broccoli into her mouth. I pick at my food, not feeling like eating. I go to get up. "You're not leaving until you eat a good amount. You're too skinny. Eat." I glare at her and take a bite.

 I swallow and push the chair back, rushing to the bathroom. I kneel down in front of the toilet and throw up all of the food I've consumed throughout the day. Mam comes up and rubs my back. She holds my hair as it comes out again. My whole body feels hot. I'm shaking as I flush the toilet and wash the vomit out of my mouth.

 "Go to bed."

 "I have to feed Spark."

 "I'll feed her. The chart's still there, isn't it?"

 "Yeah. Give her some natural yoghurt, honey and banana, please. She was really good today."

 "Okay. I'll call the school and tell them you won't be in tomorrow." Happiness surged through me until she continued. "Ma and your father will take care of Spark for the next few days."


 "No 'but's. Go to bed, now. I'll bring you a basin." I shuffle to my room and collapse onto the cool cotton sheets of my bed.

 I take out my phone and make a playlist. I turn in on full blast and lock my door. Closing my eyes, I sink into the mattress.

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